How did you arrive at your dose for AP?

I’m currently going thru some things and i believe its directly related to my sz.

I am curious, for those who are stable on your meds, did you work up to that dose or was it just given to you?

Was there an AP you really liked bit was force changed on you?

Do you think upping the dose a bit at a time is effective? (I know we are not medical professionals, just looking for opinions)

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I was originally on 20mg of abilify years ago.

Long story short : I came off it and then went back on 10mg. After about a year I increased it to 15mg.

So I bounced around a bit.

my dose was just given to me. at first I was getting a injection every 3 weeks, but that was too much, so my pdoc moved it to every 4 weeks. I was stable on that for a couple years and now I get my shot every 5 weeks, same dose.

I had chest pains and high cholesterol when I was given the dose every 3 weeks. so my pdoc switched it after I went to the doctor. sometimes I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. she started me on the max dose, and from what I read you’re supposed to lower the dose after a few months. she’s hesitant to lower it.

it depends upon what you tell them, they don’t want to believe satellite surveillance and human experimentation, but I had to, I’m an activist.

Been up pretty high on meds after that. Went down to 6 mg paliperidone. that’s what I’m on now. They mean well, but do nothing for atrocities.


I started on 50mg if seroquel and increased once a month until I got to 700 mg.
I don’t have that many positive symptoms anymore but my negative symptoms are the same as day one taking it.
My pdoc did a genesight test on me and takes a month to get the results so I’m sure it will change then to something more item specific

I know what you mean daze. If you tell them your beliefs and theories they up your meds.
Or they do mine. It’s a known fact they do experiments but hide under the covers when I call them out on it


I read a great letter written by a man asking for total action against what stems the current culture of abuse to the APA, it was very well written. Seems they’re deaf, dumb and blind. I mean, there’s help, but then there’s action, you know what I mean?

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I go on the highest dose pretty quickly. Then i go off it cold turkey. And im fine.

didn’t you have liquid bowels, shakes, mind racing? not a good idea.

Yeah i ■■■■■■ up my brain and body pretty bad by doing this bs. I dont remember most of what i say or do, so if i shared this with the forum, well, its news to me.

It’s what they put me on in the hospital last year. It worked well. I tried a lower dose but it didn’t go well.

Thank you all for y’alls responses. Im probably going to get mine increased.

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I started out on 4mg of risperidone but the voices came back. I then waited 3 months with the voices before I upped my meds to 6mg of risperidone. Haven’t heard anything since.

I started on 2 mg a day of risperdone, then Risperdone consta, then invega 156 which didn’t work so upped to 234. Just added Abilify 10 mg daily.

Were you on Invega or something else?

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Invega 234mg. the highest dose.

Well when I first started trying medication, my prescriber would continuously raise my doses. Even though I would start feeling better, and told her this for some reason she’d raise it again and I didnt question it because she was the expert. Well then I started getting really serious awful side effects. I told her this and that I didnt want to be on those meds anymore and she responded by saying we still needed to raise my dose even though the side effects got worse each time we did! I started fighting for myself and realized that sometimes you know what is best for you. I learned through that that I am very sensitive to psych medication and low doses, usually even the minimum therapeutic, is enough for me.

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I started out on 5 mg of Zyprexa for the first ten days. Then went up to 10 mg for 6 1/2 weeks. I did really well, and my pdoc decided to see if 7.5 mg would work just as well. It did, so now I am on my lowest effective dose, 7.5 mg Zyprexa. Have been on this dose for a couple of months now.

That exact same thing happened to me. I went a couple weeks and was doing fine and he up’d it by 200 mg!
And I didn’t question it either for the same reason that he was the expert. But now I feel like I’m shaking on the inside and hands trembling and a very bad tick in my speech
So I called em up and he said it would go away to keep taking it
Now I’m pissed and think I’m going to scale back on my own.

That’s how my prescriber learned how to negotiate with me because I just started dropping meds. It’s very dangerous to do and I can’t recommend it, but it got my point across that if she didnt work with me I was just going to go rogue. I love my current prescriber because he always listens to me and says oh that’s what works for you? Great let’s do that! We need more doctors who are willing to listen to their patients.

I think you should be firm with your doctor and let him know you do not want to be at that dose and that you were feeling fine on the lower one and want to try that for a while.

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