Would someone like to go out with me?

I don’t have this problem but sometimes feel watched and have intrusive thoughts caused by something. I would like to go out and be confident maybe I should go out with someone?

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Go out with your friends or family members?

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My friends are in a different county and their phone numbers are unfortunately all deleted. My sister doesn’t like to go out.

when are you going out?

Is there a mental health club in your area?

In the morning and early afternoon to the local shops looking for furniture ideas.

But didn’t you say that you went shopping with a friend?

My friend is my sister.


What day? What time zone?

Every day Pacific time zone.

I am sure she will go out with you another time.
Maybe do a hobby at home like drawing, watching a movie or playing video games?


So I would just be talking to you online while you were out to keep you calm?

Thanks @Leaf! 151515

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I spend a lot of time on here so let me know when you are going out and I can “go” with you.

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Ok, going out tomorrow at 12p to Pottery Barn. Thanks so much @Leaf!

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And maybe to Nordstrom.

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I’ll do my best to remember to be here. I’m almost always here anyway.

Where do you live?

Sacramento 151515.

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We’re only a few hours from each other. I live in Modoc county.