Would someone like to go out with me?

That’s great.151515

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Do you have smoke and fires burning?

Yes in the atmosphere.

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I have some paranoia and that “watched” feeling a lot when I go out.

My mind wants me to believe that everyone is paying attention to me.

The truth is, each person is the center of their own world. Other people you see out and about are kind of like extras. That thought helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed in a public place.

Sometimes I even tell myself to play the role of an extra in a shopping scene. And then I act like a shopper with the knowledge that I am not the main attraction. That gets me by when I’m feeling the most “watched”.


@anon1517417 wow that used to happen to me…I unplugged the fear of believing it and now I can go anywhere without even thinking about it…takes practice…not easy I know…it’s all in your mind.


Hi @Leaf! Good morning. Going out in 2 hours to Nordstrom, Pottery barn, and Boudin.

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Are you just about ready?

Are you driving or taking the bus?


not going to potter barn

going to Boudin

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ok, are you going right now?

What’s Boudin? Is it furniture?

sandwich shop

oh, what kind of sandwich are you getting?

This is extremely nice of you @Leaf. Have fun shopping @see121


Order me a veggie sandwich with artichoke hearts lol.

I am at home right now. Thanks leaf.

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what happened? you didn’t need me?

I am ok, you helped me.:kissing_heart:

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