Would less Sz's be in prison if SS paid us fairly?

If you’re 22 or under you get your parents’ Social Security, but most people (women) with Sz aren’t diagnosed until later in life. I want to get the same benefits as others. I only want what is fair and right.

This is why more of are in prison/on the streets. We just don’t get the same amount of care that other disabled people get.


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I totally agree with you.
The system is broken.
It’s unfair.


Ending up on the street is the single-most thing I’m afraid of and why I’m making sure to finish my education and get a job.
I hope all people with sz/a get a chance to go to school.


This is why I have to go back to school. I don’t make enough from SS. I had a brain tumor removed in September and my mom won’t get a real job. She has her sexual harasser boyfriend over almost every weekend. He masturbates loudly within earshot at my house, so I have to stay at Dad’s on the couch. I pay half the bills, but I get thrown out like a dog!

My therapist holds his junk all through our conversations, so I had to stop therapy. Oh God, to be a woman with Schizophrenia! How liberating! How fine!

My aunt called me a “troubled child.” I wasn’t a bad kid. I went through hell. My mom was a hussy and still would be without mother nature. My brother doesn’t care. He has a wife and kids now.

I can sit here and rot. That’s what I get to do rot. And there’s no intellectual way out of this. No sir! Just die @metime! Die!

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I don’t think schizophrenics can go to prison but more likely confined to a mental hospital. In the US, it’s called the Insanity defense and in Canada it’s called Not Criminally Responsible.

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You could find a group home kind of setting…or we have ecolodging here single room with a kitchen and bathroom small living room…rent and utilities is together…or maybe find a place to rent with a roomate.

It may not be ideal but it sounds like hell where your at. There comes a time when you have to put your mental stability and overall well being front and center. If its driving you more insane its probably time to walk away… you dont have to be treated that way or deal with that kinda crap…


Fewer SZs would be in prison if:

  • SSI paid better or the cost of living were reduced for SSI recipients
  • antipsychotic medicines were more effective and had fewer unpleasant side effects
  • families understood mental illness better and were trained in how to support their loved ones (and more families cared to do so)
  • police were trained in how to respond to mental health crises by de escalation, rather than resorting to violence or bundling folks off to the psych ward
  • psych wards offered better continuous support for patients likely to return / at high risk (BPD, SZ, for example)
  • communities offered better social support for people involved with police / hospital for mental health concerns
  • media made a concerted, cooperative attempt to remove stigma associated with mental illness (the effects of this could take a full generation or longer to appear)

By the same token, struggling single parents, people living in poverty, young adults, and the elderly would benefit from the same continuous pattern of support.

The main problem is, this means a lot of community involvement, which most people are uncomfortable experiencing and most communities can’t afford to implement.

As long as the prison is not terrible - and the same goes for psych wards - at least the person is housed, fed, watched over, and provided medical care. Prison is preferable to homelessness, isn’t it?


I think the answer to that is yes, definitely.

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There are lots of scizophrenics in prison. They’re in the psych ward area of the prison which is EXTREMELY dangerous, and no one wants to end up there. It’s the area for the criminally insane. @anon35453467.

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I think it would be great to get more of us working and off benefits. Would leave more for those that are truly disabled. And working is healing for those that can take that leap and are not overwhelmed and instead find healing. Would take some good companies to help us Take that leap.

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Well I was 27 when diagnosed so didn’t work long enough into SSI so I get the bare minimum while my wife works.

It’s paycheck to paycheck around here and constantly trying to pinch a Penny.

I feel like I’m a burden to my wife sometimes she could date a guy that’s better in life but she sticks with me.

I just wish there was lower rent and utilities or higher check.

And you have to remember my check flucciates with my wife’s income so one month I could get 730$ while another month I get 450$

Just not enough to live on.

Ending up homeless is a big concern of mine, even though we’re lucky enough to have a family home, I believe it’s still distinct possibility. Or I could get kicked off ss because of Trump/Republican agenda getting it’s way, and then I’ll have no way of paying meds. I’ve thought about trade school or something similar, but I have some serious anxiety being around people to make that workable.

I need more money. Only way though is working part time for me.

I really think the government should reopen asylums for the mentally ill but make staying there voluntary. I think it would be better than group homes or prison or homelessness. It would probably cost less money than SSI currently because the housing would consist of shared spaces with just a bed per person and meals. It would also be more fair to the families of people with sz so that they would get help taking care of their loved ones.

I don’t know which country you’re referring to, but in the U.S. people who are found not guilty by reason of insanity do not go to prison.

@kindness but people who are found guilty yet have mental illness like schizophrenia go to the psych unit in prison, and it’s very dangerous there.

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Since when did the Republicans want to kick people off of SSI??

The USA is so polarized with politics, I’m sick of it.

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I’m sorry, I should’ve said not all, but it’s often a conservative position to want to take away social programs similar to that. And many republicans don’t view mental illness as a true disability. Maybe I’m misreading the situation.

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