Would boot camp be beneficial to schizos?

That is what they do in China when it comes to some mentally ill people, such as people with video game/internet addictions. I am wondering you people’s thoughts on this. They teach them karate and make them exercise and do out door activities.

I sent my daughter to a Mormon boot camp. She turned out schizophrenic anyway. Punishment won’'t help the mentally ill.

I think it would be beneficial for young adults and not specifically teenagers.

I’ve seen on the internet how conservative Christian parents are having their children kidnapped and taken to conservative Christian boot camps, where they’re supposed to be “cured” of their homosexuality, among other things. That kind of creeps me out.


I don’t agree with that kind of boot camp either.

But you should keep in mind the many different factors when it comes to homosexual behaviors. I’ve noticed some schizos here have been bullied into self identifying as lgbt by real life people as well as their voices, and I don’t think this is necessarily the right path for them. Some people are not born gay, but are conditioned that way. Here’s an interesting article on this subject, and I think there should be treatments for these people: @https://www.fhu.com/articles/homosexuality.html

Treatments should be available but by no means mandatory.

There is a huge difference between video game addiction and schizophrenia. And there is a reason the military doesn’t accept soldiers with schizophrenia. Our brains tend to respond poorly to stress. If someone wants a regimented life, they can make it for themselves.

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I didn’t mean actual military boot camp.

Ahh I misunderstood. I still think the stress would be bad for us. Boot camps just teach you how to follow orders. They don’t help you build skills to become self-motivated.

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Hell no. Pouring gasoline on a fire is no way to put it out.


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I think a programming boot camp would be good.

Today I went on a 2 mile walk/run in the hot sun at 3PM, running on the dirt trail portion of the walk. Then I did 1 set of push ups, then 2 sets of 30 pound dumbbell curls, then 2 sets of 25 pound dumbbell shoulder press, then 1 set of 25 pound dumbbell curls, then 1 set each arm of 30 pound dumbbell tripod DB rows, then 1 set of 30 pound crush grip goblet squat, then 2 sets of sit ups, then 1 set of push ups.

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On Tuesday I did the same work out and I didn’t even sleep the night before. On Wednesday I went on the same walk/run, then I did aerobic exercises like the burpee and karate stretching. The aerobic exercises and the stretching seems to be strengthening my legs and helping my posture and balance.

And now I am barbecuing dinner. I am making boneless chicken and rice.

Stress triggered my last relapse…and if I’m not careful it defiantly ups my symptoms 100%. Each time I’ve increased medication because my symptoms (voices, negative thinking, anxiety, paranoia…) were bothering me due to stress levels. Now when I’m not stressed I feel like I’m over medicated but I recently tried lowing my dosage levels (at doctor’s approval) but things weren’t going well for me so I went back to normal amounts.

Also being forced into a social situation where you have to deal with people 24/7 might not be good for everyone…I need alone time or my symptoms start bothering me…especially the paranoia, and anxiety. I don’t think boot-camps are the answer for schizophric’s, especially since the disorder affects everyone differently…how can a boot-camp really help if we’re all treated the same?

A fairly accurate representation of what happens when I even think someone’s going to yell at me.


so is it video games or mental illness or both? I don’t think karate s too popular in china. recheck your facts.

You make a good point that that might be too much social contact with strangers for a lot of schizos. But yeah, I think this would work out more for guys than girls. Also, they can do it with “love”; I’m not talking verbally breaking down the person, but positive reinforcement. The boot camp could be designed for schizos in mind.

I like your posts @Daimon, let us try using the abbreviation sz or people with sz, might make us feel “less ill.”