Wow, my most sincere post ever was flagged for f word

I took an hour to write about how I cope with schizophrenia and you all reject it. Im done with these forums for a while.

Mouse, seriously, we all like for you to post, just leave out the excessive cuss words and detailed sexual escapades! Seems like you have been escalating these things lately, idk why. But don’t quit posting, just clean it up, that’s all:)


mate, you just have to stop swearing or find a code word for it, no one wants you to leave , i find your view point interesting and funny…keep posting…
remember there are rules in society and here on this site…
i have to abide by them as does everyone else.
know some one cares.
take care


mostly just your posts are interesting to me so keep posting, because you are highly functioning and your brain works properly, I think there are many who are envious about you here, we are all here adults and f words are parts of any language and even if it is your fault, we as older ones must bear you not you bear us older fellows, in my opinion based on my experience these goody good polite people do worst things ever imaginable. using f words is a sign of intimacy not impoliteness in way you use them. leave these saints behind and post for us sinners. a Persian poet says: " if i’m good or bad go and watch yourself, because you will not be punished for my sins".

“society” “rules” steriotypical bullcrap I doubt people really believe in. We’ve formed a giant paradym and die daily from it. Live. Be free. Cuss. Nobody gives a ■■■■.

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I’ve never flagged anyone, nor have I been flagged. is getting flagged a haneous crime of some sort? seems folks feel quite persecuted for getting this ‘flag’

how do you get yourself kicked off of a ‘nut’ chat site? we’re all supposed to be nutty - lol
I guess by cursing too much? being too ‘nutty’ and ‘offensive’ at the same time?

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I don’t flag unless the post is completely intolerant and directly hateful. I’ve only had to do that once.

But with the cussing… If someone is frustrated and upset, a few f-bombs are understandable.

But I personally don’t like cussing. Doesn’t sit well with me. So when I see gratuitous cussing, I just completely stop reading and go away and ignore the post in my own head.

When I’m cussed AT… I ignore the person.

I don’t flag, or at least haven’t flagged here… I rarely cuss but just overlook when someone does.
I’ve used “Frack” from Battlestar Gallactica as a replacement word for f a few times over the years…

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as others have chimed in here - most people appreciate your posts, but I think the issue is simply that you’ve started using the F-bomb a lot in the past month or so and its just not needed in most instances. Once in a while - ok, but it seems like almost every post you make has it now and I guess thats why its getting flagged.

I think you have some good points in that post - that not giving up is key to success in recovery with schizophrenia. I don’t find that as a military mindset exclusively - that approach is probably common to many people who don’t go in the military - but perhaps its common in the military. Anyway - with all the challenges people with schizophrenia have - you’ve just got to keep trying.


Swear words are by design a last resort. They are the words you say when no other words can possibly communicate your emotion accurately enough.

Enter YouTube for more in depth explanation:
Why Are Bad Words Bad?:

That being said, I’m OK with swear words as I swear on occasion. Personally I think flagging everything with a swear in it is kinda messed up. Denying someone from communicating the way they want because of the words they use is a little like something that happened in somewhat recent history…So trying to get rid of swear words because you don’t want then in your language is like trying to get rid of a specific race of people because you don’t want then in your country…

Mortimer is my favourite poster on this site. I love hearing about his escapades and view points. He makes this place so much more interesting…


thats very flattering, thank you!

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You are funny and I like to read your posts. Maybe you could have a code word for the f word…like daffodil or freaking or something? Maybe the f word triggers negative thinking in some people…I don’t know. Don’t go away…please stay!

My goodness, it seems that I have ignited a firestorm. When I posted about cursing, it was a personal decision for me not to cuss as much or eliminate it altogether. I posted this for myself, it was my decision to change, I do realize youngsters frequent this site also - teens. I decided not to curse, because I felt that it was the right thing for me to do - I am intelligent enough to come up with alternative more appropriate words to express myself - I will be using emoticons to express how I am feeling as well. I did not create the post on cursing so that others could be judged. I personally am not against others cursing, even if they are overdoing it. But as @Malvok stated earlier, there is a time and a place for foul language, maybe this public site, where teens and vulnerable people frequent is not the place for excessive unnecessary vile language - but I am not judging, never


schizophrenia strikes people in their late teens and mid twenties on average…i doubt many kids are on here

It really doesn’t matter who comes here. The point is that it is simply inappropriate to post those types of messages. I don’t understand how this simple idea eludes you.

You go to school. Make these same comments in one of your classes. Let’s see how that turns out for you.


I agree with you on the military mindset thing. I know it helps for me to have been exposed to my grandfather a lot, because he was a WWII vet and a professor.

Cursing doesn’t usually bother me. I think there was a study done that said that people in the south (or some states) tend to curse more.

Today’s lesson has made my day, well noted.

please oh please put the x back in your name, it was funny.

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The admin changed the posts name but didnt touch the body of it…apparently he thought it was ok