Would alcohol make it worse? Do I actually have SZ?

I am not sure if I have schizophrenia or not but I had all the symptoms of classic schizophrenia about 3 months ago. I live in Qatar and smoked hash very occasionally in high school. Then I went to UK for degree. Since weed was readily available there, I started smoking more often. Everything was fine until I smoked an overdosed synthetic weed joint (the one you get in packets legally) in my second year. This was the first time I felt like I was going to die and started saying my last prayers and had my first panic attack without realising it. I decided to stop smoking weed but ended up smoking again and the first time I did, I started having auditory hallucinations. I could hear a male voice narrating my actions and thoughts. I felt like I was being watched by the police/intelligence and there were hidden cameras in my room. The next time I smoked, I got a severe panic attack and ended up in ER. I haven’t smoked since. The feelings persisted even when I was sober. I would wake up terrified/paranoid all of a sudden, police siren would take my attention away from whatever I was upto. After a month when I discussed the situation with my sister, I finally decided to get help. I went to a GP who prescribed antidepressants (risperidone). My GP recommended that I go back home as I needed family support and the environment and stress of studies wasn’t helping. I ended up flying back on the day I had my first final exam for the year. Drugs laws here in Qatar are too strict and mental health care is almost non existent therefore despite being recommended by my GP to stick to the medication, I weaned off after taking it for around 2 months. Even though I feel completely recovered now (there are no symptoms whatsoever anymore), I am not sure if taking weed or alcohol would mess me up again. I did MDMA and alcohol post first panic attack but neither bothered me like weed did. I am not sure if I have SZ too.

We cannot diagnose here but if you had symptoms three months ago and it dissapeared it doesn’t sound like schizophrenia…I think it may have been the weed. But again I am no expert…

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It appears that there is a pattern here. Regardless of whether or not you have schizophrenia, the weed is doing something bad to you. I would avoid it completely.

I have a close friend who developed psychosis from weed when he started smoking it in high school. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and medicated needlessly for almost twenty years. He saw a new doctor who believed the psychosis was caused by weed and was able to stop all antipsychotics. He hasn’t experienced any psychosis.

Try to think about the long term. Should you use substances which knowingly cause ill effects are you able to handle them? Can you decide which you would rather experience - psychosis or smoking? If you develop psychosis from weed, and it is a persistent thing, you will most likely be put on antipsychotics. Anyone you seek help from will either Rx them or tell you to not smoke - or both. If you don’t seek help you will have to deal with psychosis on your own.

Substances trigger different things in different people. That’s just how it is. I learned that I can’t drink any amount at all anymore. I miss having a drink every now and then but I saw that it became very unpleasant to do so. Yes, I still wish I could sit at home and have a beer, but I know that it isn’t possible to enjoy it.


Whether you have it or not… you should probably lay off the weed. It’s not doing you any favors.

I’d say… please go see someone… let’s take the Sz out of the picture for now… you might just need some help quitting the drugs… after a while of being drug free… then see you feel.

Good luck and I hope you get the answers you need soon… :v:

There is no way for strangers in an Internet forum to diagnose you. Only a doctor can do that. Medical advice obtained over the Net in forums ranges from unreliable to dangerous.

If you are suffering symptoms of mental illness, it is best if you avoid using any sort of drugs or alcohol. They usually make things worse, not better.



I used to be a daily toker. It would aggravate the voices and anxiety I would get at the time. However I think my psychosis was a temporary thing. I can smoke now without any voices, paranoia, or anxiety. The only Ill effect I get is loss of motivation and energy. But with sativa-dominant strains I don’t which is why they are preferred.

Of course you get paranoid when smoking weed as it is illegal.
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Weed affects people differently. It seems to me you already know how pot affects you so why would you do it again? If you smoke it again, what’s really going to be different this time? What’s going to change this time?
Do you want to wind up in the ER again?

I have seen several peer-reviewed articles in professional journals on this stuff. And all of them were pressing the panic button about this stuff. Synthetic Mary seems to be on its way to being the #1 cause of drug-related admissions to the ER nowadays.

Thank you for taking out time to reply. It was helpful. I just thought that the chemical imbalance caused by synthetic mary must have gone back to normal since I have no symptoms now and I was really craving a toke or booze and wasn’t sure. I was a smoker for over a year before the first panic attack caused by synthetic mary so it really seems to me that it was just that and not normal mary or anything else.

Thank you for the reply, I am planning to see a psychiatrist as soon as I go back to England since drugs laws are crazy in Qatar…

How did the psychosis go away? Did you take medication? Did you quit smoking for a while. If either, how long? Thanks for replying.

I imagine it is possible that it would have.

Alcohol hits me poorly. I was always fine and then I saw a pattern. I’m talking one drink or less, at home alone. I took a break for several months and had the same result when I had half a beer. So I see a pattern. I tried a beer one last time this past April (it had been about a year since I had anything) and I was miserable. I’m talking about the mental effects of the alcohol. I know how it’s affecting me and I know that it’s almost a guarantee at this point. I can’t enjoy it at all and I get really upset from it.

If you know the outcome of anything you put in your body you are in a good place to make a responsible decision. It would be nice if it didn’t affect you the way it does, but you can’t keep expecting it to be different. I know the last drink I had was a risk. I felt pretty bad for about 24 hours. If I thought it would have the chance to induce effects for any longer than that I would have not even considered it. I’m glad I know for sure I won’t be drinking. Some people need to experiment to know, and have a confident answer. But you know now, so you have the ability to make the most responsible decision you are able to.

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It seems for the majority of sz people weed can trigger it so maybe thats what but you were smoking fake weed so wheres the correlation?

As for your question alcohol use when you are mentally will mask the effects of the mental disorder temporarily but it eventually breaks through.

You ever seen those cop shows where they arrest people and film it? sometimes you’ll see someone completely out of it to the point that they are running around in the street naked doing crazy stuff after drinking a little right? well I think that happens to people that have a preexisting mental condition and aren’t aware of it until they flip out.

The smart ones never touch the stuff again,as for that fake synthetic crap? You shouldn’t have touched it in the first place because that stuff kills people.

I smokedhone grown weed for about 2 years. I was completely unaware of what synthetic weed was and does to you until one day a friend brought itinstead of weed and rolled an overdosed joint that flipped another friend as well but not as bad as it did me and ruined weed as well for me. Alcohol or molly never caused any problems even after the first episode.

I don’t know the specifics but I do know that smoking anything NOT completely natural will have obvious draw back

Weed always made me paranoid, and I didn’t enjoy it much, even though I did smoke a fair amount of it. I’ve always drank a lot. I drank with only one purpose in mind - to get drunk. It’s been my experience with alcohol that at first it makes me feel very good, but then the next day my stomach is sour and I feel miserable. If you can drink in moderation then I don’t think alcohol will harm you. But if you drink to excess it could do damage, especially on your medications.