Worst visual disturbance you've ever had

one time, on a particularly horrible day of psychosis, I saw people’s faces melting off. holy **** it was scary. I had no idea what to do.

it’s not like you can go to the ER and tell them. they’d really have no idea what to do for you since there’s no medication for acute-psychosis besides a benzo like ativan or an anti-histamine like benadryl and these only help calm you down, it doesn’t directly effect the disturbances.

meditation doesn’t help. nothing helps. just tuck your head between your legs and cry and wait for it to be over.

what’s the worst visual disturbance you’ve had?


Over the years, I’ve seen so many twisted, demonic, gory, f%^$ed up things, that nothing really fazes me anymore.
My head is the stuff of complete nightmares.
And strangely I’ve grown to like that.
You might say, I’ve sided with my demons.
It was the only way to not go insane.
And it was their plan all along anyway.
I do draw some of the stuff I see.
I’ve considered posting some of my work, but I really don’t want to trigger anyone here.

I dunno about twisted, but the most clear visual hallucination I’ve had was when I had sleep paralysis one time and I saw a ninja type dude kneeling next to my bed and my stuffed animals started flying around my room

I’ve never had any visual hallucinations before…well except when I tried LSD lol but that’s different. Just auditory hallucinations for me.

most of my visual hallucinations have been visual, but I think the worst one was seeing the eyes all over my walls for a few days. that and my veins turning black like a demonic type thing. and always seeing horrible faces in things

Just demons and faint ghosts. But they somehow always shock me deeply and leave me frozen. Once I saw a giant black hand reach across my bedroom wall. Left me laughing nervously for a while.

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I don’t have visual hallucinations. Even when I was young and did LSD a couple times, I never saw anything gory, thank God. My scary visual memories are of a man sneering and snarling at me before he beat me. He was filled with hate and looked like the devil. It’s a horrible thing to see.

Can’t think of a ‘worst’ one, but this will do.
I was fed up with all the watchers outside my house and went for a walk outside by the creek close to my house.
It was a little windy, but warm, so I would pause next to the little chain fence next to the water.
The wind seemed to pick up and I kept seeing these decent sized ‘twigs’ falling pretty close to me as they snapped off the old trees.
One by one they got closer to me, and larger in size.
Was some one intentionally throwing them at me from up in the trees?
I moved to a different area, but the twigs kept coming. Closer they came to me, and completely independant of the wind now.
One more time I moved on, then stopped to look up just in time to see these grown men dressed in turn of the century bird costumes, flying from prior trees to directly above me. They had ‘beak’ masks covering their faces, and their entire body was covered in long beautiful feathers.
I stood there stared,
then I got angry as they snapped off some more twigs and aimed at me. They had nerve to giggle about it amongst themseves, so I retaliated by throwing their twigs back at them and laughing too.
I realize how stupid I must have looked, but
I felt justified enough to leave them alone and walk home alone.

One time I was very young, and I was on a picnic with my family in a state park called “Red Rock Canyon”.
My older sister and my older brother and my dad said there was a snake crawling on the canyon wall. I had never seen a snake before. When I went to view the snake I saw what looked like a giant, ten foot long earth worm coming crashing down the side of the canyon directly at me. It scared the ■■■■ out of me. I ran away yelling, “Snake! Snake! Moccasin!” I was sick with fear. I was scared the whole time we were on that picnic, and I only felt safe when we left that canyon. Sigmund Freud would probably say what I really was afraid of was my father.

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Freud was a fu*cking perv. He used to tell his patients who complained of being sexually abused as children that it was false memories. He said that they were fantasizing and having wishful thinking. It’s horrible. I know a lot of his hypothesis are valuable and resected but he was a total pervert.

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Thinking I’m seeing Osama Bin Laden in a brilliant white robe and turban several times.

I saw a panther and a lynx last week. O CE I saw an entire menagerie but that was die to sleep deprivation.

Like in the Silent Hill movie, where the paint peels off the walls and everything turns ashen and dirty and dead. I saw it happen in my flat once. The clarity was incredible, but I was worried about tripping over things because I wasn’t sure what was real, plus my balance was a bit off. Fortunately there were no monsters.

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Hmm worst visual I had was i got out of the shower looked in the mirror and my face like went freaky my mouth stretched out all demonic like and just its hard to explain scared the poop outta me . I see demons and stuff shadow creatures last week there was a scary looking goblin thing crawling down the hall on the ceiling that was different.

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I only hallucinate during breaks, and I have had only one visual that I can remember, one that I once wrote about on the forum. It actually was both visual and auditory.

I had just been admitted to a psych unit, was sitting on my bed staring at the wall when everything around me went black. One of my professors from med school stepped out from the darkness and informed me that she was God and that I had actually died at a party nearly two years prior. She told me that everything that had happened since then was afterlife, but that the test of me was over and I could finally be at peace. I was fully delusional at the time, so it all made sense to me and explained all of the craziness I had endured during that time.

Not a scary hallucination, but certainly a very vivid one.


Whenever I do my hair when I see my eyes they will become huge and crazy looking and morph. I don’t like that it really freaks me out.

The clearest visual hallucination I had was a vision of animals in underwear and robots dancing in streets and over bridges and then tramping into the desert and disappearing into dust. Meanwhile knights on white horses and chariots were charging through the clouds. It was really cool. I thought it was some sort of religious vision I didnt understand.


Visual hallucinations of gorgeous young females turning into grotesque monsters right before my eyes, one after the other. @UnknownExistence words of twisted, demonic and gory describes it well.

One time, I had a messed up visual hallucination, where hooded people stodd behind my friends and family and everything started morphing.