Worse in the evening

Why do the voices become more clear and louder in the evening? Is it because it is quiet? Is it because I relaxe? I have to use ear phones to sleep.

I don’t want my pdoc to know. She just tells me to stay at home and not go to work.

Now I hear parts of conversations. I can’t hear it all. It’s like being on a restaurant. You hear what ppl say, almost. You only hear parts of the conversation. It’s annoying.

Back ground noice.

Two days ago a male voice told me he is Satan. I said I don’t believe that.

sorry to read that you are suffering this thing yet. my worst hours are in the morning when I wake up. I am sorry you are hearing voices.

I’d tell the pdoc anyhow. take the risk, it is well worth it, usually.


Sometimes my voices tell me to worship satan. They used to chant hail satan hail satan, but as I kind of switched my subconscious to disbelief all that has stopped.

I dont hallucinate, but my other symptoms reduces or completely gone once the sunset goes on.

I don’t hear a lot of conversations these days, probably since the TV is on most of the time, was taboo from 1996-2012, no TV, no radio, no newspapers, no magazines allowed. Before I heard the conversations, i saw 3 people outside on my back porch with a clip board when they thought I was sleeping on the couch. They opened the screen door and came inside and was talking about me.
Months (?) later, There were more. They would come in when they thought I was asleep, and one time when they didn’t realize I was hiding in another room.
They seem to hang out in the attic, but when I try to catch them, they aren’t there.
Over the years they drove me and my new husband crazy (yeah, I know) but after a year, they seemed to visit less and less.
Seems the less attention we give them, and the more we just try to live a happy life, the less they bother us.


My voices to use to get worse at night. Especially because darkness would creep me out. My voices told me that I worship the devil and use to hear growling and screeching noises that sounded like a demon or creature. When its 3:07a.m I would kind of freak out (devils hour). When I was in the hospital it would freak me out because I thought the workers were possessed and trying to figure out who was the devil worshiper. They would all laugh at me and wanting to cut off my head and rip my heart out as well.

The hallucinations will get try and amp up at night if I’ve had a stressful day. The voices like to come out and play in the morning. It’s always something.

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i am sorry you are going through that, i seem to be able to turn on and off my voices at will now since yesterday.
i am playing with their minds/heads, like they did with me…ha…ha…ha… voices, now it is my turn…!?!
take care

I find its always worse at night. One of my personally known schizophrenic friends is the same way. My psychiatrist told me its common and normal for it to get worse at night.

Make it 4AM on the dot here. I called it “the Witching hour” I’ve had the pleasure of hearing my water cooler chant an ugly song, a cat outside being torn apart, something large-like the mass a of a human fly up into the corner of our living room window (from the outside, naturally) and try to peek inside? or perhaps get into the attic from under the eves?
and the worst,every dog for 5 blocks (or more) started howling at the same time, picking up in intensity around the 4 minute mark, and then suddenly dropping into silence. at first I was just in awe at the nature of it, but when it kept up and intensified without hesitation…I don’t know…every hair on my head must have stood up.

curiously enough, those who suffer from Dementia/Alzheimer have something called “sundowners” where they start of pretty good in the morning, by sundown their symptoms get much worse. …almost as if a whole day is too much to process.

I get the short temper later in the day after listening to it all day…I have to sleep drugged up…the talking never stopped in 10 years (except while working for 911 operator for a while) and it is worst at night. I will feel wiped out tired, lay down and I’m instantly wired again. I can lay there 5-6 hours and never sleep…put tons of weight on other folks & myself.

my voices don’t seem to have much of a pattern tbh…i mean yes they seem to b worse first thing in the morning and last thing at night but they also go quite for a while too. sometimes for up to a month…problem is, i never know when they’re gonna come back. it’s hard sometimes.

You were a 911 operator? That sounds like such a cool job to me. As a nurse, I love helping people, but it’s going to take A LOT of recovery before I can go back to nursing. I think working for emergency services would be a good job for me to ease back into the workforce with.

What were the requirements and training like for that job?



In the past, I used to hallucinate a lot in the mornings, especially just waking up. I get more symptomatic during the evenings as well - more paranoid especially

Mine get worse at night because I’m tired, my meds have worn off and I’ve let my barriers down. but it may not just be meds, as I’ve always been especially symptomatic at night because I feel vulnerable and like my house is being hounded by spies, at the moment I’m going to different dimension at night I think it’s the ultimate dimension as I hear huge crowds but can’t see anything, not even my hands infront of my face. They feel detached, I feel detached, I don’t know where I am, so voices are locking on to that and get bad before going to bed but they’re often that way anyway. I don’t like the dark and I also get bad at around 4am whether awake or asleep mum says I always wind up waking her at that hour, and have done ever since becoming ill, I try not to think too much into it.

But yes I think this is normal, it when you’re getting tired, you’ve been trying to manage your symptoms all day so when night comes you relax a little, you let your guard down and you also find yourself feeling the tensions of the day so the voices come along. That’s my take on it anyway.

Take care,