Worried about weather

i think it might be really bad

Have you moved into the new place? How’s the area for being snowed in either way. I’d presume at the worst it would only be a major inconvenience for a few days. But make sure you have plenty of supplies. Generally for wind and thunderstorm warnings here anything that can be tossed around in a storm is best secured. Bring in what you can into the house with you and prepare. If nothing else it will give you something to do other then worrying.

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i’ve been thinking about the weather, thought it may be the start of something much worse bc of the state of the enviroment and pollution etc, also the ozone layer and melting ice in the poles,

i was driving a couple of days ago and got caught in the snow and nearly crashed the car, luckily it was ok and i just missed it but the weather has been really up and down, snow/wind/rain the snow melts faster now than it use to, its weird.

think things will get worse :frowning:

Last year they had to add new colours to Australia’s weather map. As was a few places that went over the one’s they where using. Some of the indigenous Australian Elders say it’s just a normal pattern of weather. Just goes in cycles every few hundred years or so. I can’t argue with saving the plant though. I’m starting to see what more I can do and looking at ways to cut down on my garbage that’s non-recyclable.

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Do not be worried about the weather because you can not do anything about it, just live with it.

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i recycle as much as i can and try and save energy,

cutting down our carbon footprint should be a priority

i hope technology can help some too,

the biggest threat i think is the hole in the ozone layer :frowning:
and also what caused it (man made pollution)