We're expecting a lot of snow

We’re expecting a lot of snow.

I lamented that I had not got around to getting any long underwear. But if I did have any long underwear, I knew in what drawer I would find them. Sure enough! I have a new set of one pair of long johns and one thermal shirt. In addition, I have another thermal shirt that shows the least little wear. Mine was a happy surprise!

Other than that, I’m pretty much prepared for the electricity to go out for a day or two.



i love the cold and snow.
take care

Sometimes you make the surprises for yourself.

Both my brother and my girl friend are coming to my place to outlast the storm. I had not planned on two guests. For example, because I don’t drink coffee, I only keep a small amount on hand. Both of them drink coffee, however.

I’m checking things twice and found a candle holder that didn’t have a candle in it!


Brother showed up at the door with Christmas gifts from the Sister who just visited him I got the coolest things!

I got a honking hand blown glass ashtray that should be megafunctional, and I got an Emergency Survival kit from LL Bean! Someone listens to me!



Has the snow come yet? I think you might be prepared.

I hate snow. :frowning:

It was the style in my city in high school for guys to walk around wearing their thermal underwear as shirts. Not UNDER a shirt. Just the thermal shirt on the outside. I love thermal underwear!! Keeps you warm, long sleeves preferred. Ah, yes, wool mittens, a beanie on my head, and thermal underwear. My winter get-up.

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I like snow because it transforms the ordinary for a brief time + the brief time is part of it’s wonder. I like to walk into blowing snowflakes.

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We’re expecting 4-7" of snow here in the Philadelphia area. I hope the electricity doesn’t go out.

Around this part of Massachusetts, we’re not having the kind of snow that typically produces outages.


Well, the snow came–about 5-6". The power hasn’t gone out yet, thank goodness. But I am still shoveling myself out of the driveway.

At Least 11 Died in Winter Storm That Dumped More Than 2 Feet of Snow Over Northeast

My brother spent the night and left early because work was wanting him to solve a problem for them. He won’t be coming back here any time soon.

I got up and seem to be fighting a cold. I was very happy to discover brother had left some take out Thai food in the 'frig! Therefore, I had a honking breakfast.

The landlord’s son was here with a real pick up truck to plow the driveway, and the neighbor wanted the keys to my car. The neighbor wanted to move my car so that the driveway could better be plowed. Well, this is a great gift for me!

When my neighbor returned my keys, I asked him if he wanted a bottle of Vodka I picked up last time I went to New Hampshire. Now that I know he likes Smirnoff, I want to get that in for my neighbor, and this bottle of Sky Vodka was taking up space. The neighbor was wicked happy with the bottle!

Well, it is still snowing, and my support system recommends I stay in. That is, they recommend I don’t go out in my car. I did walk across the yard in the foot deep drifts to take my garbage to the dumpster, and seemingly, that was adventure enough for me!


Stay safe in PA CarolineC. :snowman:

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