The snow is falling. We're supposed to get 15 inches

I’m a little scared although there is no reason to be.

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wack up your heating and wear 3 pairs of socks. the k is getting battered by rain and wind too I January is an acquired taste.

Hopefully you have a window to look out. Though I guess it’s about dark where you live now. A street light - or maybe tomorrow.

I have no interest in watching it !
What is your new avatar? It looks like a pool side or a frog.

Yes, it’s a little island of grass in a pool… It got cropped so there’s a patch of blue so I thought OK.

I find watching it snow peaceful. What’s your fear about - if you don’t mind answering.

Ugh screw the snow. I had to dig my car out of PILES of snow and ice last year. No more of that please, thank you.

I have a fear of dying of exposure. I need to work on that. It’s not about anything real. I have a house.

We have a lot of snow, it has snowed a lot in recent days, which is ok.