What's up with this weather?

December 1st forecast is 50 degrees which is unusually high for my area. Has it been warm where you are?

No rain all summer then warmth in late fall

I’m not complaining but man it’s weird

e(Y)e Suppose Climate Change … ,

Some Folks have Been Talking About It For a Few Years Now …

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More like a few decades.
No one was interest in listening to the scientists talk about it way back then in magazine articles.

e(Y)e Wasn’t Even Aware of Climate Change Until Thom Yorke From RADIOHEAD Talked About It ,
Then e(Y)e Noticed Articles In Science Magazines … ,

OBAMA ( from my understanding ) Didn’t Talk About it Until a Few Months Ago … ,

and As e(Y)e Grow Older My Patience For Universal News Spreads Thinner and Thinner Every Year … ,

e(Y)e Heard On Tha News a Week ( OR ) So Ago That New York City Mite Be Sunk Into Thee Ocean if Tha Shazz Gets Worse … ( if e(Y)e am remembering correctly ) …

There will plant shortages, crop failures.

Less crop, less food.

People need to act on this instead of pumping more kids out exponentially up until the crops are effected.

Hungry people are very dangerous for other people.

It was like spring a couple days ago. Sunny and bright hot and t-shirt weather for november 21st lol. So yeah things been strange eh?

one of my main concerns, ever since school we’ve been taught this like wtf and they wonder why we go mad,

noticed the sky at certain times has a lot more pink in it than there should be here in my opinion as well and also the greenpeace dude said to me that 75% of sea ice has been lost in the last 30 years, its all very fkd up imo

if they are trying to scare us they are doing a good job, i try to cut down on my carbon footprint, i got energy saving everything, switch everything of for bed and going out long periods, i try my best, but idk if it will be enough.

i think everybody needs to try and help, even just a little bit.

Yeah looks like the big one huh.

Not good, no one is prepared in the least either.

Gonna be bad for us all.

we just got a whole lot of snow here in Detroit.

it is downright cold and I think we are headed for a long, wet winter.


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we have had 4 weeks of warm rainy weather here in middle East of China, unusually warm and wet. But the forecast said it will be cold this weekend like 0 celsius degree and snow.

I love Michigan weather. we have all 4 seasons with all 4 weather types.

during the autumn the changing colors of the leaves is spectacular.

yesterday when it snowed here the trees and wires were covered with it and it looked so wonderfully beautiful.


We have here the similar weather what Michigan has, four seasons, today it was below zero celcius and I wore one of my fur hats :smiley: visited my father at the elderly care facility, I am glad he was social at this time.


mjseu, I am sorry but I didn’t catch where you are now? is it in the states? judy

I am in Finland, Northern Europe, all snow melted and now we have above zero celcius.

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Here is pretty warm too. Honestly im enjoying it :smiling_imp:

when are your winters? your summers? judy

Winters - from November to early April
Summers - from late May to early September

same here, mjseu. and in between there’s a little spring and autumn.

when it snows here it is so beautiful in the streets, however, the driving is miserable.

I hope we’re not in for difficult driving this winter. maybe not… it is always good to think positive, no?


Here where I am we currently have no snow, it all melted, the weather has changed, sometimes lakes are not frozen even in December, once I went swimming in a local lake when it was early December, it felt a little cold, but I did it anyway. Once we did not have snow even in early January. In the last winter the colder period (-20 celsius) lasted only two weeks and I did not need to wear my very warm winter jacket. I use local buses and so I do not need to be worried about driving in snow.

We’re in the middle of a fair amount of rain here in Central Illinois. We had snow on the 21st, but yesterday it was in the 60s. The less snow I see, the better. I wish I was still in Arizona.