A break in the weather. Life is good again

I got to the gym today. Man, did that feel good. Only the second time this month that I’ve been able to get there. Meanwhile, the rest did me some good. It tested me, though.
Now, for the bad news. It’s supposed to get cold again next week. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Yeah, I am sooo tired of the snow - thinking of building me an igloo and living in it :snowman:

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It was hot again today.

the snow is melting.

The weather’s pretty good, but I’m not.

The last two days were a welcome change, but the forecast for today is for a few hours of “ice pellets.” I don’t remember ice pellet storms. I guess the weather reporters are maybe better now with words than they were in the old days.:wink:

The power just went out for a couple of seconds as I was writing this so we shall see what we shall see.

I feel refreshed from the last week and a half of sunshine…winter gets me down but I am so excited about the upcoming Spring…hold on people…it’s going to be sunshiney before we know it !