Worried about my future

Hey I hope I’m posting this in the right spot but I’m really worried about my future. I dont know what I’m going to do when my mom is gone. I don’t feel like I’m well enough to work but I do get disability I’m worried I’m going to be homeless or unable to pay for my medication right now I’m on my moms insurance through work but that wont last forever I’m just really scared about the future any advice would be really appreciated


does this not cover housing and medication then? not even indirectly?

in the uk, it does.

I would sit down with your mom for a talk about this. You might be worrying prematurely. It doesn’t hurt to make plans for the future and explore some possibilities though but don’t panic, you probably have some time to think about it. Just weigh some options about how you’re going to live once she is gone.

I suppose it could to an extent its just living expenses would be really tight and I dont know about medication health insurance here is expensive and they have horrendous deductibles

Same here. If I can work that would be great. A college degree would increase my wages. It would also boost my self-esteem and would allow me to achieve my life-long goal.

I figured if I didn’t have a disability, I could pull myself up with my bootstraps, but that’s unlikely now. I would get more money too for being homeless. I could increase my social skills too and be self-sufficient on the streets, ideally. But that’s probably an insult to others because it’s pretty rough out there. I probably would stay where I’m from because I’m largely familiar with things.

I worry what will happen to me after my parents die. I have no real family or friends left. My sister never calls me. I guess I have my brother, but I wouldn’t want to bother him with money.

I rather just expire if it comes to it. I often think I’ll come back alive in another parallel universe…like consciousness transfer, quantum immortality, or because I believe I’m in a causal loop, or that the universe bounces back. I also sometimes believe I live in a simulation, but that’s 100% due to my derealization. It’s not 100% cured and probably will never be, but things mostly look real the majority of times now. I still have my moments. I just hope I don’t come back schizophrenia again lol.

I often feel this isn’t my first life at all. It’s been several so far. I’ve lost count.

The hardest thing was being a Libertarian and then going on disability. I couldn’t believe it. I am now okay. But I hate relying on people for money and support. I never grew up.

I cannot really rely on my father. He’s probably a narcissist. I think he might leave me some money someday, but there’s no guarantee in life.

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