Worried about making bets in my head

I keep making bets in my head with God, Jesus, and the devil. These bets have made me feel like I have to quit college. I really don’t want to quit college, but I feel like I’m going to go to hell if I don’t because of bets that I made in my head with God and Jesus. I want to post more about what is going on, but it all sounds really really crazy when I write it out on paper. I really believe it though.

Anyone have some helpful advice?

Yeah it’s a tightrope. Why they call them delusions is that they seem real. You even know that because it does seem far fetched when you right it down.

Do you have a psydoc? And do you take meds? If yes then you may need an adjustment.

It’s not good being a slave to positive symptoms. Living is complicated enough!

Yeah I have a pdoc and I take meds. I still hear voices all the time though. I’m taking Clozaryl which is supposed to be good for people who have treatment resistant schizophrenia. It does help. I completely go off the deep end if I don’t take it. I can’t sleep at all if I don’t take it.

Yeah it’s common to get breakthroughs but you should know when your struggling. You may need to have a chat to the dr and get an adjustment especially if your getting positive symptoms. When do you see your shrink next?

I haven’t seen my doctor in a while. Maybe I should make an appointment.

Yeah sounds not normal and that is a flag. See if you can get in a little earlier, ie sort it out. It’s no fun to suffer and it is distracting you from your work.

Well I don’t believe god would get mad at you and send you to hell for going to college and trying to better yourself. But I also understand it’s not that simple. I think you should continue school though if it’s what you want to do.

God wouldn’t make a bet with you. If you believe he exists which it seems you must as do I. Then it’s safe to say he knows everything thats going to happen from now until the end of time. Therefore he has no need to bet. And if you’re just making the bets without his input at all. Well just know that he’s a God of all love and he wants you to do what makes you happy.

Also I agree with the above comment where he said you should write your delusions down. I believe it would help you see it from a more realistic light instead of just going in circles in your head. Good luck to you. I believe in you and I pray you succeed.


what types of bets? if it was healthy then thats ok but if its unhealthy then you have a problem,

like for instance you can bet yourself to do good things i guess but not bad (as long as there is no money involved) a bet could be another way of willing yourself to do something (not a bad thing) that said i think it mentions it in the bible (not sure where) hope this helps x

Our God is a forgiving God anyway so he will forgive him if you want him too, take care.

I’m very frustrated because as soon as I win one bet I make another bet. Like today I was drinking some milk and I thought an old bet would come back if I didn’t drink the milk fast enough. Sure enough, I didn’t drink the milk fast enough, so I feel like I made an old bet came back. It’s very upsetting to me. I don’t want to make bets but I can’t stop it. I’m frustrated with God because I feel like if he loved me I wouldn’t do these things to myself. It’s very self-destructive.

I feel like I have to quit college due to these bets, but I really don’t want to quit.

That almost sound like OCD like thoughts to me. You really should have a talk with a professional about these things.

And don’t worry. I’ve never heard of someone being smited for doing something to better themselves. Heck, there are murderers and rapists who still walk around smite free.

I’ve been told by believers that your God is a loving and forgiving god. Even if you feel like you’re defying him by continuing college, you have to trust that he’ll forgive you.

… And you might have to think about the possibility that the people you make bets with in your head are just schizophrenia-induced voices that represent the entities, not the entities themselves.

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