Workout and get it done

This weekend is free for me, I have nobody to talk or that I want to talk to but you guys :cry:.

I’m going to water fast for a whole day, maybe all Saturday and Sunday. Meditate a little. Shadow box, push ups , pull ups, body weight cardio varied speeds. I hope I can stay disciplined enough to break my fast with healthy organic foods. I’m sure the meditation will keep me focused.:pray::pray::pray::pray:

Hoping I can purge some ■■■■ with this fast. :pizza::spaghetti::fries::hamburger::bread:


Yeah I quit smoking yesterday. I went on a 1.5 mile walk/run today. I am hoping to start feeling healthy.


Bad ass that’s the way to go.

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Fasting is very bad for us with schizophrenia. I have done it knowing better just because I am vain. People also expect me to be in great shape. Cortisol (a stress hormone) spikes when one doesnt get enough glycogen in their system. This is so that we get pissed off and go hunt to acquire food. I cannot deal with being even more pissed off than usual. I did a crash diet over the summer but went apeshit.

I love working out as well, but fasting is just not really okay at all, unless you are obese, then it might be okay, but generally it is very unhealthy. Paleo diet: because humans used to live till maybe 30 at best. Right.

Just eat normally and exercise.

I usually run 3 miles, then do upper body pulls or pushes or legs. I have three workouts. I am mixing it up by breaking out my old boxing bag, the big one tomorrow. I have done lots of athletic endeavors, from powerlifting to long distance running to bodybuilding to fighting to cycling. I like the current running and calisthenics with some dumbbell work for shoulders the best. I havent been dropping weight like mad and I am actually sore after my workouts, which means theyre working.

But for example, push day is 3 mile run, 100 dips and 100 push ups. Not exactly easy for most people…My chest, anterior delts and triceps are sore, I did it yesterday.

Tomorrow I am taking a break from the damn treadmill and working out at home with my bag. Leg day and running is sort of retarded to begin with. For now on it will be boxing and leg day, not friggin 3 mile run then legs like no hell no nonono


I try to eat less than 1200 calories a day - preferably under 1000 calories a day and I walk a lot, so far I have lost lots of weight doing this.

I have been working the dumbells a bit also lately.

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If you start feeling weak be sure to have something around. Even a cliff bar or something similar will do. When i’m broke as ■■■■ those things have kept me alive. They’re like 80 cents and after one you wont feel hungry for hours… even then it’s mild.

Good luck man… No food is a tough thing to do beyond a day… I might have only done it once or twice in my life.

Loaf of bread .88 bologna 1.75 cheap cheeze slice 1.98… 5.00 about 10 “meals” granted they are the same.

That’s 3 days though.


I wish I had a bag . that’s cool. For me getting my blood pumping is good enough. I don’t like to over do to much but I break a sweat .
I like to mimick the motions of the greats and current champions to top of the game ufc fighters when I shadow box. I’m trying to steal there techniques :imp:

My grand scheme of a maybe delusional plan is to trick my body into starvation mode, then I will feed it healthy vegetables and chicken or fish to instantaneously absorb all the nutrition​:herb::apple::fish::octopus:

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The trick is to be starving and then trick it into “not hungry mode”

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I will tell you guys how it goes.

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What meds are you on kenforce? I need this ambition in my life.

I only have this ambition because I can work whenever I want at these temporary service jobs. I take no meds. I only would take them at clinical trials for a couple thousand but, I can’t do it any more because getting off meds is rough. No meds my friend.:pill::syringe::smoking:

Its a rough ■■■■■■■ ride but I’m all in for the better or worse until something changes my mind or a miracle happens.

You don’t hear voices or have thought broadcasting?

I got all that ■■■■ and its rough but every day is a work in progress. Learn myself, mindfulness, meditation and the best from all religions and cutting out the bull ■■■■.I do hop temp jobs a lot because of delusions on and off work. ■■■■ what these mother ■■■■■■■ think though, I’m walking out with money to support myself no matter what they think, or what my mind thinks.bfuck em

YOU expect yourself to be in great shape. Because you talk about it so much… but you are 22. So, watev gurl #bye just kidding I like saying that to you. Smooches :kissing_closed_eyes:

mouse aint anywhere near being a gurl

you should stop that

gurl please…

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at least your funny

Excuse me??? What’s that suppose to mean. I’m handsome too!