This weeks report

So I’ve been told my posts have been getting lengthy so I’ll get on with keeping them short. I know people need what they read to palatable. Reading is good for you… na’mean.

3 more days of work and payday tomorrow. The books will sit straight again for a minute, before plunging down just to the line that leaves me feeling like I’m just dragging my feet.

I’ve decided to start working out. Was talking with a co-worker about muscle development and he inadvertently shed some light on a few things for me.

Bulky muscles are made by repetitions, quick muscles are made by varied calisthenic exercises… but the ultimate of muscle comes from very slow exercising. It’s surprisingly light on the body to just do 5 or slow slow reps and really focus on holding the weight in the difficult regions. Allows me to see the work as more digestible.

I want concealed strength. I was always jealous of the wiry guys… I don’t like the meat head look either. Rather have agility and a lot of latent strength that can keep up with the ■■■■ all day. So I’m on my quest for that.

Also got back to baking bread. First loaf turned out perfectly. I ruined my confidence through all those afternoons last year trying to figure out gluten free. The only answer was xanthum gum and a whole lot of it. Real exciting right?

The end of that quest is Vegan Vita Bread… Good baseline source for nutrients at 2 servings a day.

I found that low sodium salt actually contains more potassium than regular salt. Which is cool. Potassium is actually more important to watch as the amount needed is about twice as high per day.

So all that knowledge has woken up.

Today is just about chilling. Work in seven hours. Don’t know what else to do, but I’m glad to have hit my stride in life again. Gotta wait a few months before the money starts piling up. I’ve learned so much about myself and I really feel a lot of growth in maturity and consistency on the horizon. The kind that won’t let itself be sacrificed for the moment or the opinions of others. I gotta get out of this lifestyle and shape up to fit in better with people who actually have respect for others and don’t have such dead end risky behaviors.

It’s a limited number of heads I can talk to in real life that don’t just wind me up or drag me back into entertaining their ■■■■■■■■ as legit.

So hobby number one is work on the self and meditating on the concept of Ego and the psychological issues I notice having. Part forgiveness, acceptance, and determining the causes of things to see what I can change. I want a level head. I know I’m good at seeming that way.

I really want to go back about a decade inside to when I was just my youthful, idealistic self, had more patience and clarity into myself back then.

Good days all around. It’s pretty fun to work at a pizza place. I’m wedging my way in as being one of the good ones. I like being respected. I like learning all the behaviors to control that help me maintain that in the long run. It plays back into my capacity to meditate over my sense of self.

Steady as she goes.


LOL is this a short post?