Working on SSDi

I applied for disability and was wondering if you work on ssdi does the amount you cant make over includes the money you recive on ssdi. in my state you cant make over 1130 a month

No. That doesn’t count.

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Hi! I applied and was rejected and never appealed. I vaguely remember that there is a cap of how much you will receive if you are on disability and simultaneously working, even if you are just working for a few hours. I found a doc online that says you have to report every non-ssd paycheck on time to the ssd office and that they base the amount you get on factors that I don’t know about…here’s that link:
Public Benefits pdf online MFY

I think a lot of sz get denied initially, have you tried before? I was supposed to appeal but I never did…amotivation, avolition, apathy, hopelessness, etc…

I wanted to apply again, but a lot of people will disparage us for needing help or they’ll say you’re not “sick enough,” as though this justifies the exclusion from both the workforce and public benefits. However, if a corporation discriminates against my constitutional rights and refuses to hire me based on a biological illness, then somebody needs to compensate me for that loss of wages due to civil rights discrimination.

If someone without a disability makes X amount, and I have more qualifications and make X - $50,000 annually (50 thousand dollars less than I should be making on less qualifications), I think that it is obvious my illness is causing me loss of income…and that is an inequality stemming from a constitutionally protected class.

Best of luck on your application. Even if you get denied, it’s very common to appeal and win, so don’t get discouraged like I did!

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Ya i was rejected too but i got a lawyer so hopefully it goes through and gets approved cause i cant work right now hopefully in the future when my meds get worked out i can

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Remember when I last applied 12 years ago, you could earn up to $800 a month working part-time at same time you were applying for SSDI…Even when I did not earth this much during my first application for SSDI, I was denied on first try … Hope that makes sense.

Later, can earn $700 month while getting SSDI without losing your Medicare. Medicaire starts after 2 years on SSDI payment, runs around $110 a month. Lose your discount because you earned over $700 and Medicare insurance will be like $800. There are two programs to rescue you, Medicaid for Working Disabled is offered in some states where you pay sliding fee for Medicaid coverage which is great program if you found stable employment and you meds expense is big. Other rescue option is Obamacare which is pretty reasonable and big relief for me I admit as my Medicare discount will end next year and I will not be able to return to full-time work after meeting another group of mental abusers and tortured by 2 mental abuse situations for the last year. Would not earn over $700 until you are ready to return to work full-time. Remember, school is possibility with Pell Grant, Worker Retraining from Unemployment Office or Vocational Rehabilitation but if you are discriminated against in school and drop classes, you may have to pay these moneys back immediately. Better to coordinate school with your mental care, get a doctor’s note so you can use Disability Supports Services at the college to help you fight any professors who are verbal/sexual abusers or hostile environment, so you can take tests/homework in another room. Plus allows you to get alternative assignments if you are told to work in a group with someone hostile. I have walked into the room at new college and before I sat down, professor said I would need a doctor’s note because he has been sued before…Another professor said he drove his ex-wive crazy, he got the kids and he wants dates/people to hang with him and will not give same homework assignments as syllabus. To really know what a hell this can be, you have to understand the professional secretaries in community colleges are making $9 an hour to put up with one of these…FOR SHAME! But prepared is protected…

SSI is a form of welfare for people who did not work enough to get social security, maybe too young when they became ill or just did not work enough. You need counseling from a case manager to help you understand how working will affect your Medicaid benefits, Section 8 and other aid. You are allowed to work but it reduces the amount of your SSI check…Get good advice so you have stable living arrangements FIRST AND FOREMOST.

You know, disability attorneys get paid retro-active pay. If granted disability, you get a big check for several months worth of benefits back to the date when you first applied. Attorneys take some of this money. You will start to get your monthly checks, if benefits were granted, and attorney does not affect these payments. Attorneys are HUGE help before and after you receive social security as they know most of the local charities so they can hook you up with all the aid you need to keep you housed and stable; afterwards, attorney can give you advice on income opportunities and how they will affect your benefits. I think it really worth the effort to talk to attorney. Look for local Bar Association and for $50, they will give you 30 minutes to talk to attorney that specializes in appropriate area at no more cost to you. Don’t sign anything until you understand it all and you are ready to deal with almost no income (possibly) for a couple years while you are waiting on a disability ruling…Need to seek out family with whom you could live as babysitter (usually frowned upon by case management if they find out as some children have been harmed by confused/delusional situations from a mentally ill person), elder care, express Section-8 rental set up by attorney (plus maybe $700 SSI pay for 6 months only), house sitting, van/camper existence, the old garage/rafters over garage or shed out back. Some built their own little house on wheels while waiting & doing spend down on their money for materials if they have stable place to stay for a few months…Mini houses are frequently hooked to solar power (lots of kits or tutorials are available), crapper is a bucket with saw dust/dead tree leaves, water can be carried in or is only ‘utility’ you choose to use. There are NO building codes for houses on wheels, but some city covenants or HOA rules may prohibit these except as temporary visitor situation same as RV like 2 weeks limit. (Some ladies are even getting into it, trash picking pieces off Craigslist/swap meets/farm auctions. With mainly new pieces, some mini-houses were built for $3k. Nice to heat on own as some utility companies were messing up shut-offs during cold weather, wood stove has some extra security. Doesn’t it?)

Thought it neat myself as is easy to get a tax delinquency lot on the sale here. Lots are very cheap and sometimes lightly wooded spot on edge of town. But instead of putting in sewer, if you are in a county with relaxed building codes, you can get away with dumping the toilet bucket into a black plastic rain-like barrel with rest of house’s cooking scraps. Seal these off and you have usable fertilizer in a year.

Is really funny when you see a Mac computer in most of these little houses and person works from home there too, sometimes with two living in it. On craigslist is nice list of RV parking spots sometimes & people wanting to set up their little mini-house neighborhood with gardens welcome. HUM? I like the hippies better myself.
Some start little houses by buying beat up flat-bed trailer or 5th wheels. Some just have someone haul the 5th wheel out to where ever and gut it, start over with everything. Construction trailers and shipping containers work too.