Work on the side

anyone know of some really easy work where i can earn a few bucks for doing very little?

i need some extra money to pay off some debt

I did yard work until I was 45 years old.


it has to be something that no-one could ever find out about, like if i was working from home, maybe buying and selling things online or something like that

You could work at a movie theater. Pushing popcorn isn’t that hard.

Oh. I don’t know of anything you could do at home.

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its a good idea but i dont want to lose my disability benefit; whatever i do it has to be under the radar

Avon lady. :lipstick:

Guys like you give people on disability a bad name.

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problem with this is that all the under the table jobs I’ve known of tend to be monotonous hard work. I know a guy who does the odd painting job but that isn’t really “very little” work and he’s got 18 yrs experience doing it anyway.

I don’t really blame anyone trying to live on disability seeking under the table work, I mean especially if all they could be getting is the what? Little more than $450 a month that SSI got you last I knew. Besides even when you’re “well enough” to go back to work what the hell kind of job are you going to get with what could be a ten or more year gap on you’re resume when there are people with far less troubles and much better resume’s out there struggling to find work?

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Are you not allowed to work a certain amount? I am on Aish but I am allowed to work a little bit and not lose my benefits. Which is good because a little bit of work gets me out of the house and it is about all I can handle.

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we’re allowed to do voluntary work and we can do part time college courses as long as there hasnt been a change to my circumstances, the job centre have stated that we can do a little paid work but nothing too extensive, something that involves very little effort.

tbh i have been getting conflicting stories from different people about this, one person said i shouldnt do it because i get more on benefits and another person said i needed to get a letter from my cpn and someone else said if i did it i would only earn an extra £10 every month, i’ve been trying everything, i just got a fact sheet about permitted work and it sounds simple but everyone has been warning me against it. beurocratic nonsense, red tape, :frowning:

my brother does under the table work, and he’s on SSI. He does landscaping work with my cousin. Its hard work though not easy at all. He almost lost his ssi when they found out about him working under the table. But he was able to keep it since he has so many problems they just told him for now on he has to report all earnings up to a certain amount or something like that.

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whats so wrong about doing a bit of work on the side?

Because it’s fraud, it’s illegal and it’s immoral.

well i have been trying my best to find ways in which i can work and tbh i am being pushed and pulled around about it, one person says something and another says something else and i’m like ‘can someone just tell me straight’ whats going on?

i think i’m going to have to get more advice ‘its all i seem to do is try to get advice’ feels like a full time job looking for something to do and i havent even begun yet lol.

its difficult because over here in the uk there is so much going on, benefits have been changing and rules have changed and are still changing its hard to keep up with it and also they say things on paper but in reality it can have a knock on effect

thats why i just feel like doing this and to hell with it all, do you know what i mean?

I understand. The system is designed not to help a person but to keep people down. But as much as I sympathize, I really don’t think you should try to work “under the table”. There’s got to be someone in an agency that can tell you exactly how to go about working while on benefits without having to resort to something illegal. If you were to get caught you’d lose your disability for good


It’s not really under the radar if you are posting about it online!

Did a job yesterday and the client paid me cash, said she didn’t want a receipt, and told me not to bother declaring it. Got home, entered it into my accounting software, and will be paying the Goods and Services Tax from it when remitting for this quarter next week.

I’m not a big fan of paying taxes and will certainly use any legal dodges I can find, but I dislike breaking the law. Also, while I like to think of myself as being reasonably clever, the truth is that I am not clever enough to avoid getting caught. Which I would be eventually.

Suggest talking to your case worker to see if there are any programs that may let you earn a bit of cash without losing benefits? Most countries have some sort of thing in place of this nature. Would solve your current problem without creating new ones.

Good luck getting the issue sorted.


thanks @pixel & @Malvok

i really want to try to do something and i dont want to do it under the table, i think i was just deperate, i get an idea in my head and sometimes its hard to get rid of, it takes time for me to iron out the details you know,

i remember i got caught working and claiming at the same time when i was younger and able and the cars were following me around getting evidence, it was not a nice experience and probably made me paranoid and a pre cursor to mental illness (bad idea). i dont think they would do this if i had a mental illness tho.

but i have been doing everything right, trying to get advice from the right agencies and tbh i dont think they know how to deal with me or maybe they havent dealt with this kind of situation before. i have been discouraged several times from pursuing this and other times i have been asked to get a letter from my cpn (which she refused) :frowning: and then discharged me from her care.

its all pretty fkd up really, i have been worrying about losing my benefit money which i rely on and i am in debt up to my eyeballs, i think the only thing i can do is go to the job centre and ask to speak to an adviser (something they use to force me to do) makes you trust them even less but i guess i have no choice if i am to resolve this.

I think the biggest danger in doing permitted work via your ESA is the risk, under the current climate, that this will be used to say you’re fit for a normal job. Doing therapeutic work for hours and conditions you can manage is obviously different from 9 till 5 competitive employment.


Another approach might be to get creative. If you help weed someone’s garden in return for a share of the harvest, that cuts down on your grocery bill, freeing up $$$ to be applied elsewhere. It’s also a good healthy activity that is in line with what your health care team would be wanting you to do. Get outside, work up a sweat, right? Maybe there are some barter situations that don’t explicitly break a rule, instead allowing you to step around them, or at least tap dance through a grey area?



Here in California you could earn up to $75 a month without it effecting your benefits.