Woohoo! Good news!

I can probably (not sure if i pass the income check) rent a new house.

I saw it today and i felt happy there. It would be my first “real house”. It looks decent and neat for social rent, nicely kept and painted outdoors, with a living room, 3 bedrooms and a front and back garden.

I spoke to the neighbour. She seemed kind and said the neighbourhood was nice and social, with many kids. Its clearly a…not sure how to put this nicely…it obviously isnt an upperclass area. But it doesnt seem criminal or neglected. There is a playground right next to it and it is inbetween my parents and the city centre, both a 10 minute bicycle ride away and very close to my brother.

Im superexcited! And scared! A real house, oh wow! I hope i pass their “tests”.


Awesome! So happy for you!


Super fun! :slight_smile: good luck to you!


Best of luck to you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Im nervous though, i hope it succeeds.

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My son, my dad and i will visit the house now…I hope they like it. Even though im with a flu, im very excited to show it to them and also to see the area when everyone is free from work and kids are playing.

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