I've bought a house


Me and my bro have invested in a property.i forgot to tell you guys. We’re going through all the legal work. So hope in the end it’s ours. I mean they’ve agreed to sell to us but it could all go wrong.
It cost £480,000 but well end up paying more. It is expensive but hopefully worth it.


Pretty cool news @Ish - Good luck with the new house! :house:


Congrats. Homeowner!
Who has to mow the grass? :wink:


Cool, always nice to see someone have some success. The first place I lived when I moved out of the board & care home was with my sister and my nephew in a condo. I rented a room from her for three years. I think my rent was $325.00 a month. But I had run of the house and I pulled my own weight. I did half the chores and cleaned up after myself. This was 1995-98. You didn’t specify in your post if you are going to live there or just rent it out as landlords. Renting it out would be a good way to have a steady income.


congratulations, ish. My husband and I bought a house two years ago, and are still on mortgage loan but the rent we receive now can cover the loan. so it’s a happy buy.


good on you, i’m happy for you.
take care


congratulations, thats a heap of money.
hope its worth it.


Congratulations! My husband also bought a house for us recently, as we are renting and want to have our own house. It’s in the same security complex that we are in now, just a short walk down the road. He bought another house also, for investment to rent out. The legal work is in progress, so the houses aren’t his yet.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. We’re going to live in it. My parents had to remortgage one of their houses to help out and it is that house we will rent out. This new one, we will live in.