Woo-hoo! The med changes I wanted

I saw the pdoc today. He’s on board with stopping the Lithium. It’s probably been making my psoriasis worse and has been causing or contributing to my tremors.

He’s also on board with changing my main antipsychotic. Aristada is a very painful injection and for me isn’t at all effective. I should get Rexulti which for me is HUGELY effective. It might even give a bump to my weight loss.

The Lithium should get dropped again tomorrow.

I guess the paper work for Rexulti should get filed in a week or two.


Good luck with the med changes. I hope they work out.

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Thanks! I’m very grateful to have my psychiatrist.

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Good luck with everything.

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Thanks! @Wave. 12121212

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That’s great news. Rexulti has been wonderful for me in combination with Saphris. I think you’ll do well.

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Yeah tbh it’s been the only thing that works. Paired with Seroquel, it was great. I’m already on Seroquel.


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