Wont go away!

So today I’ve had a lot of symptoms for some reason.
Right now I have this feeling of bugs crawling all of my face and it wont go away.
And earlier I kept seeing people walking behind and around cars.
They yesterday I herd something in my house as I walked in the door. And when I went looking for what made the noise I couldn’t find it and it never did the same thing again. :frowning:

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If you are at home and you can. Put on some headphones and curl up in a blanket. Hold something that you care about and can focus on. A book, a teddy… I hope it gets better for you soon.

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Thank you. I do have a teddy. Lol.

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I used to have one his name was patches. He was pink and had a lot of patches. He was my recovery teddy. Lost him years ago but I still miss him.

Mine was just a little golden brown colored bear. And his name was Teddy.

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I have a stuffed dog sitting on my table. I got him when I was 6 years old and I’m 53 now. I used to carry him everywhere when I was a kid. He’s kind of dirty and worn, it didn’t help that when I was 6 my sister threw him in the swimming pool.
Anyway, I hope you feel better, good luck.

That’s a cute story. Thank you.

I have a teddy bear that is important to me. His name is “Bear.” Yeah, I know, lame. But I got him when I was young and he came with me from Bulgaria to the USA. He is my traveling companion. Whenever I go on a trip, (be it by car or airplane), he comes with me.

It drove me nuts hearing people in my house when it was just me, no matter how much I tried to trick and trap them so I could see who/what it was, it just made my life worse to obsess over this.
Finally, I accepted that I wasn’t alone, but they did no harm to me so I stopped making myself so miserable and just let them be.It was almost like they were trying to protect me-from myself?

It helps to believe they are not here to harm you, but more to protect you.

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it sounds like a pretty normal day to me, this happens to me and more everyday.
take care


You been going through a lot lately and some of this stuff is manifesting like that. Please don’t let it drive you crazy.
I don’t have a teddy though there are some around my kids have. i lost mine in 2000 when it was in a storage and they closed the storage on me :frowning:
I occasionally hug a pillow though, or simply meditate and put myself in another place away from all the daily problems.

Ooo, I got a cool 11:11 today too… i went down to where my wife died in the woods and saw a Fairy Rose bush near it and heard…“pace it and count”, and it was 11 steps to the flowers and i walked back to the place she died and it was also 11 steps…
Now if some psychiatrist wants to say that was a hallucination they can take it up with her ghost…

Omg… Body pillows are the best thing in the world. I have one that’s as tall as me. Which isn’t hard because I’m pretty short. that makes me fall asleep fast.
That is really spooky. I don’t know what I would do.

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I have one of those 2… :slight_smile:

Its about 5’ long. it’s in the upstairs bed where i used to sleep and not in the downstairs bed but it’s still here…those things tend to get tangled around you somehow, and find yourself trying to disengage your legs to get up to go to the bathroom…

TMI? LOL, well, you have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night sometimes…

When I hallucinate bugs, I stroke or massage the area to bring the nerves back to reality. Hallucinations are brought on by tension so the brain can’t be sure of what it is perceiving. Do anything you can do to relax. I know, easier said than done but give it a try.


I’ve very rarely got that feeling…and I know it’s nerves or muscles. sometimes it might even be improper nutrition…Even a potasium deficiency or calcium… I’ve gone a few days without any bananas or potaoes and sometimes felt itchy, and some slight “crawling out of your skin” feeling, but i eat a banana and drink a glass of milk and it goes away.
But i don’t think I ever had the extreme buggy crawl feeling some have reported. Only one time in my back and I pressed inro the mattress and let the feeling be like a massage…LOL…I did.
i later found out the cough medicine I was taking had something in it that could affect muscles, and I’d been taking a lot of it for allergies which i get some years so was probably that…plus when i took the cough medicine i didnt really feel like eating bananas or drinking milk as the tastes dont mix well, so a combination of all those things…

I will for sure give that a try.

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