Rough day today

Today has been a bad day. Feeling and seeing bugs crawling on my skin, music playing a repetitive medley in my head all day, trails and auras and afterimages everywhere. At least no voices, just the music, but that’s bad enough.

I took my meds for the evening, maybe I should just go to bed.


I have hallucinations about bugs, but I haven’t in a while now. It stems when I start getting overly stressed about any given situation. I hope your day is better for you tomorrow. Each day is different isn’t it?

it is nice to see you back, i am sorry you are having a rough day.
take care

I am sorry to hear this, rowan. These hallucinations are dreadful. Have you thought of an increase of the dose?

I’m always glad to see you back @RowanAmethyst.

I’m sorry the music is back and your getting into a rough day. I remember you saying that it was one of the symptoms you had back on the old forum. Hopefully some sleep and calm with help make it go away.

How else have you been?

Is something stressing you (besides all the horrible psychotic stuff). I get symptoms when I’m stressed. Wishing you well.

Just the usual stresses: finances and such. I was on a higher dose but I hated the way it made me feel so I had it dropped to a half dose. The music never goes away on this dose but the bugs were a surprise.

I’m sorry I’ve been away, life kinda took over for a while, but I’m mostly doing okay, just last night was kinda rough.

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yeah,i get bugs also…major bummer…hope tomorrow is better for you…also,nice to meet you !!

Ha, I think I figured out why I was so off last night: I’m sick! Like, I have a cold or something, for the first time since I quit smoking. Physical stress converting to mental stress exacerbating my symptoms! Music is still going strong, but no bugs so far today, and my voices haven’t been around since I started taking Risperdal so no troubles there! Some minor undulations of the walls and such, but not too bad.

I find a cold will trigger some glitches as well. I’m glad you found out it’s something like this and not that you have to start all over with the med balancing.

After a while, I have to just ignore the wavy wall and growing / shrinking furniture.

Yup! Today seems better, though. I don’t stay sick for very long, I guess. Much better than back when I smoked!

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I’m still at three cigarettes a day. I’ll be cutting to two on August 1st. Hopefully, I’ll cut to one on september 1st and then None.

The cold turkey just didn’t work for me at all. So I had to shrink my turkey.

It’s better than nothing! Three a day is still great, and you should be proud of yourself. Quitting, or even just cutting back, takes a lot of willpower, and you’ve come so far!

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