Can't get rid of the hallucination

It goes away I get excited something triggers it and it comes back. It is like everyone is telepathic. It sounds ridiculous it feels ridiculous. The whole scenario is just ridiculous, but I can’t escape it. It is really starting to hold me back.

I dont what med youre on, but Im on Invega and I dont hear telepathic voices anymore. Also dont feed the troll , dont try to communicate with the voices, and try to think about what the voices are telling you. This worked for me.

Never mind Bryan…it’s not real ok? It just isn’t. No-one can read ur mind at all. Not one single solitary person around u can read ur mind. I’ve dealt with this for years but I simply don’t believe in it anymore. When I was hearing everybody’s voices around me, it was awful. Soooo scary to think that everybody could read my mind and wanted me dead but it wasn’t real. Twice this happened to me …lasting about 6 months each time but once I saw through it they stopped trying to convince methat they could hear my thoughts and all those strangers voices just disappeared.I still get the odd family member and iI hear fafamous people trying to convince me that I’m telepathic everyday, all day and night but it’s simply not true. I am not telepathic and nor is anyone else hat talks in my mind. They r simply impressions of other people that ur own mind conjours up. Splinter personalitiesif u will. Thatsall they r and once u believe that iit’s a lot easier to deal with. My voices must tell me 50 times a day that I’m telepathic but I simply don’t believe in it. It’s hard, I know when uv got voices 24/7 as both of us have but believe me, it’s not real. If I was with u now, ur mind would conjure up my voice saying awful things to u but I would know it’s not real at all. I’ve heard them all…mum, dad, brother, sister in law, nieces, children, strangers in the street, people serving in shops, restaurants, petrol stations…u name, I’ve heard them but how likely is it that ur the victim of some grand telepathic conspiracy? Isn’t it far more likely that u t just sick with a brain disease? Think about it, please. Think about how likely it is. Think about how it could be done if at all. Think about y anyone would want to do it in the first place…it’s just not possible hunni…hope this helps xxx

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Hey, if your hallucinations are auditory then I might give u two things u can do to get rid of them, get your mind off the subject or the character that keep rolling inside of your head, and get yourself occupied by thinking and doing your favorite thing in life, get obsessed by it. And never let your ears rest, always play music, keep the sound level where you feel most comfortable and where the auditory hallucinations are distracted enough, keep playing music while you’re going to sleep as well, since they get stronger at those periods of time… good luck and I hope these help you.

Nevermind maybe it is going away. I get anxious though and it comes back