Wondering how much work i can handle

so I’m going to try to go from unemployed to 50 hours a week. the 8 hour workday doesn’t stress me, it still allows for me to have adequate nutrition, get a jog in, and get 8 hours sleep. i’m content with this becoming my everyday routine. I just want to make money.

I’ve been working on updating my resuming this weekend and tomorrow I’m going into town to inquire about jobs. basically I want 2 jobs, a Monday through Friday and then one on the weekends. I don’t think I can handle being at the same place all the time so I want two different jobs.

as long as I can stick to the 8 hour schedule I think I can do it…but more hours than that and I think ill be stressed.

I’m still going to consider going back to school, but online classes only. if I have time


Good luck man :four_leaf_clover: But you could start with one job first, just saying…


yeah I’m going to start with a Monday through Friday job. and then look for weekend work

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I have a hard time imagining going from unemployed to 40-50 hours a week, like I used to work before I got sick. But some people can manage it, so good luck to you. I’m also looking for a job, but I think I want to start out part-time


yeah in the past I pulled it off. but that was prior to getting diagnosed. I worked after my diagnosis for some time but it was a dead end job so I figured I would be better off on ssdi.

I guess I’m hoping that 2 weeks vacation and holidays will be enough to keep me fresh. also I would get off once a month to go to the hospital to get my shot.

plus now that I’m not drinking, it seems like no big deal to work. I just want to save up and buy a house, then start my retirement savings/investing.

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Wish you luck with it.

I work 4 days a week at the moment and although it’s stressful, I find the distraction very useful as I hate being at home alone with my own mind. At least at work I have something to focus on which is healthy.

The only downfall is having to deal with other people. What kind of work are you hoping to do?


ideally I’d be maintenance on a golf course or working in a vineyard. the only trouble with the golf course is it’s seasonal work unless you are a mechanic that can work on the equipment during the winter.

another factor is what’s available. if I don’t commute into the city, my only options are casino’s, warehouse, factories, retail, or restaurants/hotels. with those options I’m looking to get hired in a entry level position at one of the factories. we probably have 10-20 to apply at. so that’s what I’m hoping for.


Wishing you luck, but it seems like going from a standstill to more than full-time employment puts you at risk of a relapse. Were you working full-time before you became unemployed recently? If not, suggest working your way up to full-time (I had to do this over a number of years as I didn’t get better and capable all at once).

yeah I worked full time about 6 years before my diagnosis, then 1 year after it. I guess part time makes the most sense but I want to buy a house and I can’t afford to do that on a part time wage.

@Lifer you seem to be very energetic.
Good for you!

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I totally hear where you’re coming from, just don’t want to see you set yourself back badly. At the very least make sure you’ve discussed this with your treatment team and that you’ve got support in place if this goes sideways on you.

Good luck!

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@velociraptor yeah I hear that. they tell me in remission and that they can work around my schedule. i’d be embarrassed to have to quit or maybe even get fired if I can’t handle the job, but it is what it is

@Chess24 thanks chess.

also I tried supported employment hoping they would place me with somebody that hires the disabled but they were no help at all. all they did was explain how working would affect my disability benefits.

I’m kinda with @velociraptor on this one. Jumping right into working 50 hours a week seems an awful lot. It’s possible to do but are you letting your desire for money for a house kind of affecting your decision too much in regard to what you can realistically handle? I’m all for support and taking risks and it may end up that you can handle the workload fine but I found that taking small steps and building up to goals slowly was the formula that worked for me. I mean there’s lots of so-called “normal” people (people with no mental illness) who can’t handle 50 hours a week. But hey, as people with schizophrenia we can be resilient and pull off things that nobody thought we could so good luck.


You sound like will smith in his latest videos


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I’m not familiar with those. Could you post one?

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Geeez, I can’t handle that, it’s too serious. Does he do a video on the Three Stooges or puppies? That’s more my speed.

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Cheers to a productive week, good luck and always have fun in what you do so you won’t get bored on it.

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