Going to get serious about going back to work

I am in a sort of a holding pattern right now. I may be going on vacation for 3 weeks, from 12/23 - 1/14. so I’ve stopped applying for jobs. but when I get back from vacation, im going to put in a lot of applications. im hoping I find something close. there is a company hiring 3 or 4 miles from my house, doesn’t quite pay as well as jobs in the city, but at least I wouldn’t have to commute to work.

If I do get a job, I really want it to work out. I would be crushed if I got fired. but am willing to take the risk. I guess I can always get back on ssdi.

the job in town has perfect hours. 730am-4pm. similar to the hours I worked at the golf course. I liked those hours because I had evenings free to watch a ballgame or workout. im hoping I get hired there. o it also has the weekends off, and didn’t mention anything about overtime. I think I can handle 40 hours a week. it’s when it gets to 50-60 hour work weeks is when I start to breakdown, and don’t have healthy habits.

looking forward to having more money to spend on things, like home improvements, cell phone, healthier food, and I will probably buy my dad’s car he’s offering me. and I think I would be a more attractive potential partner if I had a job. ran into this women I like, and we got to talking, and I told her I wasn’t working and was on disability and then regretted it. I just spew this ■■■■ out without thinking. im an open book. need to learn better discretion.

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I’m assuming you’re in the states, think carefully before going off of disability payments,

but I guess you can always try a trial work period as a full time worker,
but I make more money staying on SSDI, and working part time,

plus it’s easier on me.

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yeah im in the states. there is something called ABLE accounts that might allow me to save money and stay on Medicaid and I wouldn’t have to change to a cheaper med. they are fairly new, not all states have them yet though. the only downside of ABLE accounts is that when you die, the state can recoup some of your Medicaid costs, and what’s left is distributed to whoever is to inherit the money.

that’s another thing I have to do before I go back to work, is make an appointment with a disability lawyer to learn more about ABLE accounts.

but im ready to go back to work, I think I can handle fulltime. I will make a little more money working full time then if I just get a part time job. in a few years I can potentially get substantially more money working full time. actually if I worked in the city I would make 30-40k, but would have 50 hours a week of work and a commute. this way i’ll make about 25k, staying in town, but im ok with that as I re-establish a work history.

im also considering going back to school. to become a librarian. I want a job I can work into my 70’s. assuming I live that long.

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Will there be a monthly premium staying on Medicaid and working full time?

The highest bills I ever got was 60 bucks a month, plus co-pays,

but I was maxing out what I could earn while still on SSDI.

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im not sure to be honest. I need to look into it some more.

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was just thinking another plus about the job in town, is I wouldn’t have to drive at night with those scheduled hours. I hate night driving. I only do it when it’s absolutely necessary.

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