Wonder what my iq is

My best guess is somewhere between 125-130.

Mine is 115. Just average.

That’s really good.

I totally don’t wonder what your IQ is.


I’ve heard that IQ isn’t really suited to measure one’s capability to do stuff. So I don’t really care about it on my end either.

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All I know is I’m very creative.

Being creative is awesome!

When I was in a program to help you get off government assistance they gave us a bunch of tests, personality test, career test, and an IQ test. I scored 153. That was prior to meds.

The last time I took one it was much lower.


Where are you from again?

Modern day Nikola Tesla. Tell me something interesting. Some idea or something.

I imagine you’ve created your own economic, political and religious systems.

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Have you ever heard of the tiered economic system? It’s a combination of all economic systems combined. I can’t remember much about it. It came to me in a daydream. It’s the ultimate equality of opportunity. I’m not sure who came up with it.

No, I haven’t. I never used my brains for anything intellectual. I used my brains for figuring out how to do things better, quicker, smarter and working my way up the ladder at the jobs I had.

I don’t care what my IQ is. I’m sure it’s less than it used to be though. I have no desire to take an IQ test.


Then you are a genius.

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Apparently at one point I was. But no longer.

All I know is there are people smarter than me and people not as smart as me. I will say just like all women are beautiful all people are smart. I’ve never ever met a person I couldn’t learn something from.

You may think I’m being sarcastic calling you a genius. I’m just saying your way of living is probably optimal. Therefore you are a genius.

I don’t think sz makes you less smart. I don’t know I don’t have it.

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Ummm, that’s totally using intellect. And it’s a really good way to use it!


I’m definitely not as smart as I used to be. But I’ve mourned that loss and I’m ok now.

As far as new systems there fun to think about. I just think any new system comes with a cost. The trade off is not worth it. That’s why I’m an economic, political and religious traditionalist.