Wonder what my iq is

I don’t think you get less smart as you age. You definitely get smarter. You’re smarter and wiser.

lol why don’t you do an iq test. I thought mine might be high (I think everyone does) but I couldn’t even complete it lol it’s so confusing the one I took it’s like a bunch of shapes in different pattern colours I’m like what is this lol

I know what you mean. I scored quite high on IQ tests. My mother wouldn’t let me see the results, she claimed I’d get too cocky. But she treated me different after the test and would talk me up to her friends.

But I lost a lot of that. I don’t feel as quick as I did. It’s frustrating.

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It is frustrating, and I now find myself just giving up instead of trying to think certain things through.

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I’ve never taken a proctored iq test before. I do a lot of very dumb things. It’s been said that geniuses come off as dumb. I don’t know if I’m ‘dumb’ or genius dumb.

I did too. But it can come back. You just need the time and resources and support to practice.

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I’m certain my IQ is average lol.

It really depends on the day and the task.

I will say it got me through a lot, having decent intelligence.

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All I know is I have a lot of confidence.

I couldn’t spell “IQ” until I was 26.


I don’t think it’s spelled IT.

I thought I was gifted, near genius, or even a genius, but I’m not. Probably a combination of narcissism and bipolar – hypomania. Now I have schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder + probable Asperger’s Syndrome…

In school, my mom had me tested for ADHD and I scored like 120ish and didn’t quality for GATE in elementary school. Now, it’s like 110 probably. I think math hurt me and helped me because of logical thinking, but I tried too hard in school. I never learned how to study smart, only hard. I pushed myself too much.

Losing IQ points or intelligence due to a mental illness was hard. I’m grateful I didn’t walk in to schizophrenia empty handed, but I still think I’d trade being a modest farmer over schizophrenia any day. I mean I think I rather be average like 90-110 than be like 110-130/140. I don’t think I ever was 140 but my delusions and grandiose thinking made me tell people that. I’m honest now.

I heard the average IQ for math majors is like 130 and I failed at that, but I also was dealing with prodromal undifferentiated schizophrenia in a high stress environment on my own. I really tried but gave up eventually.

I never had a real IQ test because of the difficulty getting one, but I also didn’t feel like paying for one either. So I took a bunch of various IQ tests online and it ranged from like 80/90-140+. I do better on the Raven’s tests because I thought I had autism, but the very high IQ tests I score very low. All the other ones I seem to ace, but I lost my abilities to understand language and come up with word lists and stuff, but all the pattern recognition, and sequences I do okay at. My short term memory is bad and I cannot remember things like I used to.

My cultural abilities lack too.

I think once you master the tests, it’s like a game, and doesn’t mean much. I think I suffer in real life because of paranoia, fear, alleged trauma on my part, and depression, and also lack of motivation, drive, and especially dissociation. The dissociation is really bad and my vision and senses were backwards and out of whack.

I don’t know what caused it. Maybe my marijuana card and smoking pot or something like that. I was doing good early on and then I got the marijuana card in 2013 I think for social anxiety and possibly Asperger’s and I started getting dissociated again.

It took years to get better. Like 7+ years of trying every day. That’s why I’m so angry with society and myself because I suffered every day in my head stuck there 24/7 not knowing and not understanding reality.

I think my delusions make me feel special or even different. Like I felt like I was smarter than I actually was. I was slow growing up and come from an average family with no academics, yet I wanted to be educated and stuff and maybe even be an academic lol.

It’s not delusions of grandeur. It’s legit. I feel for you though.

Oh ■■■■. Now my left lung is full of weird coloured crap AND green tea.

It’s rather interesting how you went from the most irrational sounding person to the most rational sounding person in one day.

You seem unhappy. What can I do to help?

Make my lungs stop hurting.

I’m not necessarily saying I’m a genius. All I’m saying is my iq is more than likely in the range of 125-130. Take from that what you will.

If Bruce Charlton is right 166.

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