Woke up at 4 am again

and now it’s 9 and im not tired for some reason. I guess I slept enough, but I am scheduled to do squats today at 4pm and I have a class at 1 so I’m a little worried that I will suddenly feel like sleeping. I guess im gonna eat, take my morning meds and try to get a nap in before class and squats. I just wonder why I woke up feeling wide awake at 4am…usually I wake up and am really tired.

Does anyone else wake up randomly and feel wide awake? I’ve done this once or twice before

I wake up feeling wide awake many times. My eyes just popped open and my body is just done sleeping now. It’s a bit of a shock sometimes. But there’s nothing I can do. I’m wide awake now.

I like that better then waking up in a full adrenaline fueled panic.

My eyes have just been opening around 4:00 a.m. lately. I like to get up before the kid sis and get all the “midnight car letters” off her car before she wakes up and sees them all.

yeah i’ve done that, i cant remember what i blamed it on tho probably coffee or meds idk,

i couldn’t do squats or weight lifting, i had a bench once but never committed and it was a waste of money, if i tried doing that now i would probably put on a ton of weight or have a heart attack, my friends at college said i need to do some squats to improve my shape ‘no sixpack, bloated’ but i just cant do things like that.

That’s why some lift weights and some people swim at the local pool for $4.00 a swim and then use the hot tub and sauna. :swimmer:

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hahaha i tried that and i tried to use the gym lol

last year i had a menbership for the gym and i could do everything in there including using the pool and sauna/steam room but after trying for about a month i gave it up, i just couldn’t stick to the routine,

i was trying to loosen up in the water but i was very tense and anxious in there which affected my swimming i did about 10 lengths and i was trying different strokes but i couldn’t get rid of the tension in my body, i think you use more effort and its very draining when you are tense and anxious,

i tried the gym as well i was on the treadmill and other equiptment and i also did some boxing :slight_smile: i loved the boxing but again i couldn’t stick to the routine and just thought 'whats the point you know. i did try tho.

Looks like I am not gonna nap at this rate, been trying to sleep since I woke up, its almost 1pm now, just had a coffee and will be working out later.

Guess I will sleep well tomorrow? Anyone tried zquill? My friend with drug problems talks about zquill being at walgreens and knocking him the feck out. I could use a nap just to be safe before squatting hundreds of pounds.

I used zzzQuil when I first started experiencing insomnia. It worked pretty well. And it’s relatively safe. It’s basically just liquid benedryl (diphenhydramine).

The only real side effect is morning sedation, and dry mucus membranes (like nasal passages). That’s why I had to stop taking it. It dried out my nose so much that I was getting nosebleeds.

It’s worth a try in a pinch.



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i always wake at 4am. have a coffee and cigarette and wait till 6am to wake my son up for school. once i’ve dropped him off, i go back to bed for a couple of hours.