Got up earlier today but felt bad

I usually woke up between 9 to 10 am and was very drowsy in the morning. Last night I lowered my Seroquel by 15 mg off and it ended up me waking up at 7 am, which was 2 hours earlier than before.
I got up , brushed my teeth, ate the breakfast, did my laundry and browsed the internet. But I felt bad now. I felt extremely tired, cold. My mind is foggy so I can’t do anything with so much time in my hand.

I wish tomorrow I will get used to getting up early.

don’t pressure yourself, just day dreaming all day is just as good as being busy. relax, I hope you get to feeling better.

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I feel you. I want a med that will basically put me in coma, and then I wake up 2 months later as a skinny person.


After 3 hours being lethargic and yawning I felt better. So went out to the fruit barn and bought some vegetables plus 6 pieces of fish. My mind is clear now . :slight_smile:

BTW the fishes are silvery and look so cute.

Yum yum, fruit and fish sounds good.
Hope you feel better today and maybe tomorrow will feel even better than today.
Enjoy your lunch/dinner!

When I wake up early I typically have my morning walk, it is very refreshing …

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