Waking up everyday


Am I the only one who hates waking to reality everyday? I’m really doing well. I’ve even gone back to work. But I still wake dreading every day. Is it possible to wake and look forward to the day?


children do - every day all the time - and it’s like - dude, it’s 6 a.m. - how can u possibly love life already


It sounds like some morning panic.

I don’t think I dread it, but I do wake up surprised.

I’m surprised when I wake up in the proximity of where I went to bed.(still in the apartment) I’m surprised that I didn’t die in my sleep. I’m surprised the house didn’t catch fire. I’m surprised I still remember who I am and I have the ability to even get up.

After I get over the surprise of everything I don’t really think of dread. I tend to think stupid things in the morning.


I take nearly an hour to get out of bed, and I am in remission. Once I get going, I feel better.


i wake up generally feeling ok. the voices start as soon as i’m conscious but i don’t let it get to me. difficult i know, but i’ve done the depressed thing, crying everyday, dreading what i hear next but not anymore. i’ve done it 3 times now and i know i can do it again if needs be. i’ll try whatever medication is on the market, not that i think it will make a blind bit of difference but i have to b here for my kids so suicide is just not an option. so i choose to fight every day i wake up and i will carry on fighting till my last breath. it’s not easy but it’s all i know how to do. i’ve finished rolling over and just laying there taking it. i want more out of this life and i’m going to get it, whatever the consequences. i don’t deserve to b bullied, harrassed, tortured or raped anymore and neither does my family. it’s time to fight back.


No, there is no way to look forward to it.

The only way to true happiness on earth is ignorance or sociopathy.


Ffffft…It’s1:23PM and I’m still in bed. No desire to get out except to get my 2 cups of coffee.
Unless my mom has a Dr’s appointment, my day don’t usually start before 4PM.


I hate forgetting my dreams when I wake up. I usually jump right out of bed, get dressed and run downstairs to confront a day with something in it or nothing in it. Today I was depressed but I kept telling myself move the muscles and the mind will follow, which it eventually did.


that’s good advice martin. i always feel better if i’ve achieved something during the day. however small. xxxx


I dont get out of bed until my kid sis yells at me to get up now. being on risperdal makes me so much like a zombie that I had to switch to Fanapt.


Totally get hTing to forget my dreams. Hate too many meds on board too. But honestly it’s as if I dread being conscious. Even though things are going well I still hate facing the day


I experience this. Right when I wake up reality hits and I get down.


I wake up to this nasty feeling of mild panic - it takes about an hour of Batman-like brooding to dissolve into more tolerable feeling of generalized shittiness. I am taking Buspar for anxiety but feel like I am ready to try something more serious. Except for I am super afraid of antipsychotics because everybody is like - they kill ur creativity - and I’m like - oh, no, not my creativity…


That’s it exactly Jake. I wake up and reality hits.


I get up and take my morning meds + go back to bed until they kick in. Mostly effexor. I feel calm when it kicks in. It does take a long time to phase in to the world outside of my head.