Wishing for mania

Me too. I have never had any but maybe someday.

Mania is pure hell for me: Arguments, yelling, violence, spending massive amounts of money that I can’t afford, sexual inappropriateness, no sleep, etc…etc… Who the heck wants all of that? Not me!!! Give me a nice, normal, even mood every time.

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I know what you mean. Just a nice hypo-mania, no one gets hurt, just plenty of energy to fold the towels, make some food for everyone, do the dishes and maybe have some energy to play a game or something. Nothing fancy, just a little mania, I get ya. I’m right there with ya.


@anon4362788, You are used to feeling either manic, hypomanic or depressed. You are not used to feeling normal or in other words, bleh. Bleh, is how normal people feel on a regular basis. You are just not used to it.

If that were true, then there would be no need to treat it. They would just give bipolar 2’s antidepressants and call it a day. Now I’m never had mania or even hypomania, but something suggests to me that it can probably be dangerous, like some sort of emotional seizure. And normal people do not feel emotionally “bleh” all of the time. I mean, they don’t feel ecstatic, but rather comfortable and content.

I’m not having a mood episode right now, and though some real life, non delusional things are going on right now, I still feel like being alive, like I am alive, you know?

thats not really true, i know lots of ‘normal’ people and they definitely don’t feel bleh, there quite vibrant individuals.

ive felt normal a few times and its quite different than feeling blah’, when it has happened I feel calm but awake with energy to do things and no issues focusing, can carry on conversations and interact well.

Thats normality for me and its incredibly rare for me lol

hypomania is more like frantic had a lot of caffeine type of energy and too many ideas and scatterbrained.

mania is just mayhem.

depression - well we all know what thats like.

i think if i could describe bleh’ it would be like a low level depression


Bleh is not how normal people feel. They have emotions. Enjoy things. Don’t sit feeling hopeless and shiftless. I don’t think people really understand how bad this is if they say this is normal. And my hypomania is just energy to get things done. I do a lot and mix up things but no risky behavior.


You could try taking vitamin d. Energy drinks can help too

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I need D. I have a severe deficiency.

My Opinion is that none of my pdocs ever really understood how bad this is. Just because you are stable on meds doesnt mean you feel well at all. A high dose of fish oil has helped me a little. Dont know if you have ever tried it.

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I love mania!! It was great for me. I just wish I would be manic again.

I met a guy once who was manic depressive. He said when he was manic he made a million dollars and then as depressive he lost the whole thing… I could be only temporary bad days needing more to cope. Is it hot weather there? Nah its a new med hah? give it time…

Fish oil capsules three times a day helps even out my mood really well. I’ve been taking them for years and my mood has been even, tranquil, and content for the past 14 years. I swear by fish oil. Also yoga, meditation and prayer.


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