Wish had no one in my body

Wish had no one in my body, feel like they blame me for psychiclly doing things to them but it is really the other way around. Having intrusive thoughts do not help. Wish no one could read my thoughts. I wish for my privacy back. Just want to be left alone.

Sometimes these people worry me they seem sinister and evil. They just asked if im on tape. What does that mean?

I know you have it to far greater extent then I have. The sz can just be a paranoid trap.

There aren’t people in your body. I mean that just doesn’t make sense.

You believe they are there because you hallucinated they were there so you believed they were there so you continued to hallucinate.

There are all kinds of things that can follow that trend.(from what I’ve seen/heard/experienced)

Blank state and forget it all. Shape the mind/experience into what you want.

It’s worth a try.

Isn’t it true that all one really has to do to see what the voices actually think is stop and listen to all the noise in one’s head… from a nice, safe distance?

Or ask someone else who IS at a nice safe distance to listen and tell you?

That’s what good therapists are for. (The “bad” ones are usually deaf, though.)

But when I don’t have a(nother) therapist around, I use the techniques I learned from the therapies listed below to see that the Voices are just collections of thoughts that are just… thoughts. And that they have no actual control or power or gravitas save for what I myself give them.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

10 StEP –

Im with you man…the mental intrusion is like a mental rape.

I don’t have a lot of privacy right now either. Only power we have is avoiding social stuff that is a problem and not answering the thought broadcaster harassment.