Same old problem

I have no privacy. People are always watching me and commenting on my mostly intrusive thoughts. Today i got yelled at by the people in the neighborhood I was parked at. This really happened to me. I just took some medication for anxiety. They knew about my sister of whom i was texting. How do you make these people to leave you alone? People on the radio whom sounded like Taylor Swift called me some derogatory names these people always call me. I suspect they think i think racist thoughts about children but i don’t. Some thoughts are intrusive. Someone might think i think someone is ugly but really i don’t. And i have visually intrusive thoughts too that other people can see. I also have some people in my body. Besides taking meds. which I do, what would you tell these people doing this to you. Help. Some people really think i’m a bitch, ■■■■, and so on. There so adamant in telling me this everyday. Also I have a fear of celebrities popping up in my mind and saying negative things to me and able to read and see my mind. I try to avoid watching American television. The why people would do this to me is I think and see intrusive thoughts. Several years ago I didn’t have these thoughts, I was still diagnosed sz.affective and had less people yelling at me.

ignore the real and the unreal if it is negative.
take care

hi i also have this feeling of not having any privacy its hard you sound unwell maybe you can go see your doctor tcx

This has happened to me before as well. I thought there were cameras watching me all the time and if a car drove by or somebody walked by me and put me to the right it was a vote against me, to the left they were for me. I did this for a year. I dealt with it by exercise and getting a little bs job. It worked. I started having more positive feeling about myself which helped put the kibosh on the negativity. Hope this helped.

Very sorry to hear you are suffering in this way. I had go through the the same things… people on the radio or tv saying something that seemed to coincide with my thoughts. It made no sense… also people in real life would tell me to stop thinking they could hear me ect. It is very scary, the only thing I can really say is I trust my family, because I have made them look me in the eye and tell me they could not hear my thoughts, and I can tell they are serious. I don’t know if some people can, or if they are just trying to mess with you. People like to play mind games which is stupid, but I feel the same thing to. I can keep my mind quiet and it feels like there is a pressure on the right side of my forehead trying to either trigger me to panic, or what I am hearing literally voices and seeing images I’m not thinking about… it is part of schizophrenia symptoms.

Consider how many people in the world think about any celebrity, constantly, all day everyday. If they were telepathic, they would literally have the most insane fans thinking some pretty weird things about them on purpose… I’m sure there is probably 100 shrine worshipping helga’s (from hey arnold!) thinking about them non stop, they would go insane! So somewhere along the line, there has to be an answer… meds is the key!

Yeah I go through the same thing too. I’m at a loss just ignore it and try not be negative.