Windows 10 making me paranoid

I mean come on it was like “Hi, I’m Cortana and I will collect everything you do on this ■■■■■■■ computer for your own good” or some ■■■■. I was like no I can use this without being told how, that much is obvious



I trust you can figure out how to disable all of those things. I’m pretty sure it’s all stored locally, but it’s no different then what google has been doing for years.

lmao!! good thing I’ve been using apple for as long as I can remember.

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Not a Windoze user here, but today it was shown that Windoze can disable pirated software, and hardware. I do not know what “unauthorized” hardware is, but yet, there it is. Check it out:

Well piracy is wrong in the first place, but uhhh the hardware. That’s kind of questionable. You can steal hardware but that is a lot more difficult.

(Thanks for the link)

Crap. I am avoiding the upgrade for at least 6 months. Let everyone else figure out the annoying stuff and bugs so my system keeps running for my online classes & work projects.

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I’ve got it up and running fine. It’s pretty sweet. First bug though, right clicking on the desktop just makes the cursor spin and time out.

Yup. Can you save anything to hard drive? Parent keep complaining about this…

I’ve had no issues but I don’t use my desktop all that often. The upgrade was seamless and all my programs worked.

My parent doesn’t have an inch on desktop left…I don’t save there either. I use external drive or flash drive.

I’ll do the upgrade over Christmas. Online classes started today and don’t want to deal with problems…

Thanks for information though.

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan.

You’re not the only one. Lots of normies don’t like windows 10 either, as it keeps talking back to the mothership (microsoft)

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