A bunch of bad stuff

So my computer crashed, I reset Windows and now my apps and crap are gone- like Microsoft office is gone. I’m doing restore files from my backup drive- don’t even know if this works…

Caved in and smoked three cigs this morning, had a fight with my dad last night, apparently I am a “■■■■■■■■■■■■■ crazy retard” and well ■■■■ him he’s a pig.

Serenity prayer- ■■■■ him/her/it/them/everything

Hoping I get my PC back to normal so I can work like a slave and not make any money for five more years!

So fun.

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Of course your apps are gone if you reset windows. This is like a fresh install :smiley:

How do I get them back?

You have to reinstall everything one by one from the cd

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The best you can do when you do this or reformat or whatever of that nature is backup all your important files beforehand and then put them back on it and reinstall all programs you used.

Dont install apps one by one, use ninite instead. It will install all the apps you chose automatically.


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Thanks- I will try this out.

I really need my apps back- Microsoft office especially. My files were backed up, so it’s okay. I went for a run with a friend and then had a nice lunch with him and another…smoking a cig right now.

Ugh I just wish my computer hadn’t ■■■■■■■ crashed.

If you knew how unpredictable hard drives failing is and sometimes taking all your data with them, you’d probably be a backup nut like I am. Though I’m still kinda lazy about it… though I’ve actually never experienced a hard drive crash ever since I got my first computer at 13. After 16 years I am long overdue for one.

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sorry :heart:
take care :alien:

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Thank your lucky stars you didn’t lose all your hard work.

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