Will urgent care write a script for anxiety?

I can’t get insurance for atleast a few weeks and I need some sort of relief… Can an urgent care doctor prescribe a controlled substance?

Yes but I would call and check first…

Are you OK?151515

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i feel like you have to have a doctors note for benzos…

I’m fine I just need something to help me

A doctors note for a doctor? …


Just call ahead and check I’ve had loratabs from a rapid care

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like your primary psychiatrist would write the script? since its a controlled substance i dont think urgent care would prescribe it to you unless you have it on a file or something. im tired as hell maybe im not understanding right

So I should call and say …

“Would you guys write a script for anxiety/ panic attacks? I don’t have the insurance to go to a regular doctor right now, I will hopefully in a few weeks. But until then I really need something to help me!”


Maybe lol you have 24 hour pharmacy’s in your neck o the woods…

Yes I do

What’s that have to do with it? Lol

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So you can maybe get it filled I’d have to drive a little bit to get to one…

Oh. I understand.
That’s not a problem at all.
I’m just really nervous urgent care won’t be able to do anything for me.

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If nothing else go breath deep and look at the sky…

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They might give you a script for a beta blocker to calm your heart rate and blood pressure and other physical effects of anxiety.

They will probably give you like ten pills or so until you can get in to see your real doc.

I got an appt with a psychiatrist. My grandparents agreed to pay for the visits without the insurance coverage. Thank god. But I couldnt get an appt until like September. Although I am on a cancelation list. So if someone cancels they’ll see me.

Fingers crossed.

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I’ve gotten controlled substances from Urgent Care before here in New York. They can only give you a seven day supply though.


Gj getting an app …sorry its not till sept…but like you said if someone cancels …good luck moon child…

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