Will psychosis get worse or better?

Hopefully better. :confused:

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Once you’re on working meds you should be stable.


I’m on working meds right now. Hopefully the meds won’t stop working

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better, but anybody can get voices for many different reasons,
just let the docs give you a diagnosis.

my symptoms weren’t voices

I had paranoia/delusions

okay, then I really don’t know, cuz I still get that on meds,
they’re not 100%.

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the psychosis should get better on the right meds…

Does that mean I might not be sza because I heard voices? I had command hallucinations but my boyfriend doesn’t think I’m sza.

ohhh, maybe that was misleading, it’s just what my pdoc said to me,

would have no idea how prevelant that is. and also it could be like faint, one voice, that doesn’t persist. not sure. just listen to your doc.

Mine’s getting better, but I have a comprehensive regimen.

By default it’ll just get worse, vast majority of time.

I’m curious, what’s your regimen?

I’ve heard good things about magnesium,
so I started taking the kind that is combined with calcium.

I also take tumeric, and D3 (like you but just caps) and Vit. C, and elderberry gummie, every day.

I get a product card thru my insurance, $100 a month on what qualifies at Walgreens.

I mostly did this when Rona hit, these supplements.

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Magnesium is good, Daily Essential Nutrients has that though.

Turmeric is good too but I figured I could get by without.

Besides the anti-inflammatory activity it facilitates brown fat growth, which is a natural fat burner too so there’s that.

wish i had money for those supplements

Yeah, it’s like $250 USD a month. I could probably get it down to maybe $150 if I put effort into it.

yeah. I really don’t eat a lot though, enough, but not a lot.

I really should. I do mix it up, though, variety.
yesterday I got into artichoke/spinach dip and crackers, yum,

and I love cheese and crackers. And of course my super duper smoothies. ha.

Try for gluten free stuff.

Smoothies are great.

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@naturallycured We have asked you numerous times to refrain from posting about and/or promoting your unsubstantiated claims about supplements and other alternative stuff you are trying. Since you continue to persist, I’ve suspended you.


Skip the supplements if you don’t have deficiencies.
Stick with your meds.


I probably have deficiencies due to my bad diet but thats easy to fix

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