Will Karxt target different parts of the brain compared to current Antipsychotics?

I read that karxt will be a lot different from current AP’s. Right now I have anxiety & insomnia from my medicine, risperidone. I’m wondering if Karxt will be successful at avoiding these types of side effects since it may target different receptors? Will we get our dopamine back? Or am I reading the info wrong? I plan on taking the med when it comes out next year


Instead of going for dopamine receptors, it goes for M1 and M4 receptors

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There is a lot to be hopeful for


Does that mean we get dopamine back & get to feel normal? I’m curious as to what is so different about this drug. Right now I’m struggling

It will still effect dopamine but indirectly, after the M1 and M4 receptors. You should benefit. Less side effects

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I hope positive and negative symptoms brain regions are not the same. If so wer fkd