Will I meet my soul mate?

Is she out there?



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If she is she probably believes in soul mates too because usually those who dont are scared off by that… Too clingy


there was never a sock without a match

Those people who have been divorced once or twice with children thought they had a soulmate and found another soulmate after their 1st divorce.

There is no such thing as a soulmate. The significant other that we find is all a numbers game and how we psychologically get along with one another behaviorally.


that is your opinion

but i believe different

my soul mate is out there


I am ready to meet her

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Do you believe she will come to you or you will go to her?

FATE might lead me to her…FATE might lead her to me…either way we all have soul mates…our other half

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I know a guy who refused to date because he thought god was going to provide him his soulmate.

He shamed me for dating guys at bars.

Well, guess what?

We’re almost 37,

He’s still single and I’ve been married 11 years to my best friend.

Soulmates don’t exist,

You have to get out there and date to meet people.


If I remember correctly you were in previous relationships. Were those women of your past relationships considered your soulmate?

i put my faith in fate

i trust the universe

if it happens i am glad

if it doesn’t happen i am still glad

that’s life

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personally speaking our life story was wrote down before we were born

that is my view


come on pedro27 you shouldn’t be believe in fate thats the orange side of the flag

i don’'t understand that

well basically the orange whether in france, netheraldns, south africa or ireland believe in predestination. basically what you said

what does predestination mean.?

I’m sure there are women out there who like BINGO and bad Internet memes.


There is some truth to that where we are born, who we are born to, how we are raised by our parents and the opportunities that are presented to us will define our life story.

You talk of “FATE” and of “SOULMATE”, well “FATE” is a numbers game of a mathematical probability in which a certain event (meeting your “soulmate”) will occur. As @goldenrex has said, the more women you date, the more likely you will find a woman of whom you really match with.

its a calvinist doctrine that basically a person has no free will especially in terms of sin and righteousness and therefore they are either damned or blessed from the beginning of life - they have no power to determine their fate. this is not a good belief because the doctrine was based on ‘signs’ for determining who was good and who was evil and irish, blacks, the poor,disabled, schizos, are all damned. blondes, whites, the rich, etc are all blessed

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Soul mate is a mainstream delusion


I hope you find someone

Doubt I ever will. I am carrying too much baggage