Finding your soul mate


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I don’t believe in soul mates.

What are the odds that you’d meet yours even if they did exist?

Slim to none.

I think we love who we choose to love.

It’s work and takes a lot of energy.

It’s not as easy as attraction, then things just magically work out.

You have to put in effort.


soul mate simple means a lover for life

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I kinda believe in the notion of soul mates but I believe there’s a lot more than one.

I mean given the population of the world it has to be statistically possible.


I believe theres someone outthere for everyone.


Apparently not powerful enough to give that picture some pixels.

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I reckon soulmates happen. Relationships that last are built on likeness or compatibility that is near unshakable - that’s a statistically very insane happening or chance event. Aka. Soul mates

Love is eternal,

I would say if you open your heart and let it in then the world is your oyster :slight_smile: great things will happen if you just believe :slight_smile:


did you say soul mate. Funny those things do happen. Meet Victoria secret.


I believe love is eternal too.

If I marry there will be no till death do us part but instead may death never do us part.

I believe in eternal relationships.

My x in sa is my favourite person I think then my former stepmother but I mix them up a bit.

My x in da and I were not sexual so much though.

My new boyfriend is wonderful kisser and I love him but it’s all so new.
Maybe we would marry but only if I don’t loose money which I would.

My x in sa is probably my closest person or my former stepmother.

It was pretty perfect with him and the perfect dogs and home but he wouldn’t let me go vegan and my horse needed a better paddock.
Miss them and country life and no one can take their place.

Maybe our relationship can be eternal in love even though we were never so sexual and though we are not physically together.

My horse is my favourite precious baby.

I haven’t felt my boyfriend as such so I don’t know what he feels like.
Feeling each other makes you closer I think.

My sacred neigh is my favourite being I think.
Then my x in sa and his dogs and my former stepmother.

I can’t say where my boyfriend is because we only just started our relationship.
We are so new together.
Still getting to know each other but I love him n would probably marry him as I love his company and best kisses and sex and kind and sweet.

My parents are not number one.
I love them so much but have a complicated relationship with them.
I was never their number one.
There was a time they were my number one but it was never mutual.

I want a gothic wedding.

I was going to propose to my x in sa but he wouldn’t let me be vegan which is not ok and too controlling.

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My boyfriend is best kisser n sex and I favour him too.

We are new but maybe we will marry one day.

Mohammed was my favourite once.

My college soul mate or one that got away is married. I feel like the older you get, the chances of finding that magnetic chemistry dwindles.

I don’t know the only soul mate I ever had was my right hand

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What went wrong with your left hand? :slight_smile: @Makaveli

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I’m not a southpaw

Yeah, I don’t believe in soulmates either. It’s just a romantics fiction.

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