Will I lose my SSi (disability) if

Will I lose my SSi if I stop taking medications but still maintain a therapist? I spoke with my Mother and she is going to vouch for me that medications do not help and that my primary doctor for my SZ needs to change. My journey needs to become med-free, which has always been the highest-functioning.

I’m going to be doing alternative treatment instead - social therapy with an actual psychotherapist, which is covered by my insurance.

In short, I want to be on disability - my life depends upon it, but while I lose it because I am unmedicated?

And P.s. - I do not want to hear any replies of “don’t go off meds”, “don’t stop meds”, etc… My SZ is unique, as is everyone else’s, and after 8 different med changes nothing has worked to stop the primary symptoms - which are physical pains in the left parietal region of the brain & lethargy.

If it turns out they can stop your SSI you could pretend to take them instead.

Why would they put you on antipsychotics for physical pain? Antipsychotic drugs just stop you from becoming psychotic to a greater or lesser degree.

The psychiatrist I have is just a quack & a med pusher. He doesn’t pay attention to me when I talk and completely ignores the specifics of my case. He generalizes at every turn in a conversation.

I can’t pretend to take an injection at the clinic.

Can you see an ‘ordinary’ doctor if it’s physical.

I still hallucinate, though. It’s not wholly physical. The problem is the pain is what keeps me dulled the most, makes me unemployable. The hallucinations kick in from time-to-time, however. But, it has come a LONG way.

I officially e-mailed them @ I’m awaiting a reply. Has anyone done a med review for SSi? How is it? I don’t want to lose benefits by being anti-pharmacology. Seeing a therapist once a month should be enough for treatment for me.

OK, but the pain part is physical, and should be checked out by a regular doctor for sure.

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I’m not a doctor so I can’t give a diagnosis but an extreme headache and psychosis can be symptoms of a brain tumor. If you can convince a physician to do it you may want to get am MRI scan done.


Had two done: the day of diagnosis and also nearly a year later. It was clean. I don’t understand if pain hallucinations are possible or not, but technology didn’t detect anything.

I officially e-mailed them at I might also phone them tomorrow. I’m setting the stage up to be med-free. I have the right to refuse antipscyhotic drugs. I’m researching those rights as we speak.

This is just a shot in the dark here and a really thoughtless response but maybe it’ll work for you.

Just stop listening and taking advice from Zipper-Head.

(dumb as a post I’m afraid.)

Hot but can’t trash talk :sunglasses:


Who is “Zipper-Head”? My current doctor?

I still need to be on a treatment plan and seeing a doctor of some kind. Will a therapist alone be fine? I know they will axe SSi benefits if you don’t have a doctor or are uncompliant with drug treatment options.

You’re actually allowed to not take meds with sz… and the docs and therapists are actually cool with it… they don’t tell anyone that though- there’s safety checks in place that you don’t know about and they will not tell you about either. That’s actually a secret- you gotta play your cards right though…

and no they don’t take away ssi/ssdi

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I’m no expert, but pain is not a symptom of schizophrenia as far as I know. When I get migraines it feels like someone stabbed me either in the back of my head or just behind my eyes. What kind of pain is it, and how frequent?

i med free for 5 years, still have my ssdi
i am doing cognitive behavioral therapy
the ssdi are not doctors


The pain is constant. It feels like a dull blade is lodged somewhere in the left side of my brain. It has gotten MUCH MUCH better over the past three years, but after my last IM injection (four days ago) it started to act up in a terrible way.

I don’t know how it arrived. The materialist explanation is that I had an aneurysm of some kind and it is still healing over. However, MRI tests say “all clear”. I don’t know how I have pain there.

Feels like a stabwound. However, if CT or MRIs say nothing is there, what good is investigating it any further? Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things were I’ve just learn to accept the pain and struggle with it to heal.

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My brother has bipolar disorder, ADHD and autism and he doesn’t take meds and he still has his SSI.

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Did they do an Mir with contrast dye? Are you currently under the care of a neurologist? That shouldn’t be something doctors just shrug away when the tests are inconclusive. You shouldn’t just learn to live with it. Go see as many specialists as you can until someone has an answer!

A few years ago, I started throwing up everything all the time and no one could figure out why. I was like that for almost two years, until I finally found a good neurologist. He never did figure out exactly what was wrong, but he tried different meds on me until something worked. It was a sucky process, but now I am healthy and functional again. There is hope. You just have to find someone willing to work with you.