Can you lose benefits if your diagnosis changes?

My new pdoc thinks I may be schizotypal not sz. Is there a chance of losing benefits if she changes my diagnosis? I checked and it is still in the Blue Book so what does that mean?

I don’t think you can…it’s the doctor that referred you for benefits diagnosis they go by. And if you have well documented hospitalizations with diagnosis and take your meds I don’t see how they could take them away. And plus the system is very unorganized they’re not gonna track you down because one p doc says you have a different diagnosis and take away your benefits because of it.

You can get 1300$ for anxiety and $500 a month for schizophrenia, the system isn’t very good. Or make sense much.

IDK. My ssdi is in review now. My doc says I’m improving but I know I can’t work.

I am really worried about it. I hate people having this much control over me. They can have a bad day and just deny for no other reason.

my regular doctor referred me but they had and have nothing to do with my diagnosis or benefits. My old pdoc is the one who did my papers and diagnosis. This pdoc is completely new. I don’t even know if she will do paperwork yet, but I won’t go back to my old pdoc.

They can give you a hard time with a diagnosis change .

They also can flat out deny you if you are not taking meds for it.

@mjgh06 Schizotypal is a heavy duty diagnosis similar to Schizophrenia.

I don’t think that you can lose your disability.
I did more research on it.

I hope not because I know how I am I have tried to work before and that is when I had my major psychotic break - I was sitting in my chair at work crying because the keyboard was attacking me and I ended up hugging my boss who was a man in fear crying- wasn’t a good day.

It’s ok @mjgh06 I’m sure that you will have better days ahead of you - hang in there

I’m worried I’ll lose my ssi bc my dr is saying I’m doing better but I still don’t go out in public bc of my thoughts.