Wife is leaving

My wife and I are getting divorced because she doesn’t want to be with me if I won’t “get better.”


I’m really sorry to hear that. ((Hugs))

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I feel you. I got divorced earlier this year, for the same reason. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Sorry about that! It is sad. :frowning: I lost a partner and stepdaughter mainly because of psychosis. It sucked. And we werent even married. Many hugs and good thoughts for you. Be kind to yourself.


I’m so sorry! Do you take your meds?

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Sorry to hear that @Towering2 .

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Yes, I am taking my meds.

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Do they help you? Are you still struggling with delusions? Hallucinations?

(hugs) Sorry to hear that Towering2. How long were you married?

I’m so sorry. Sometimes I think I would understand if my husband left. But this kind of situations are so sad.

Do you think mental illness is a myth…I mean you can recover slowly if your patient enough to let your brain heal? She knew you have an illness, she used this point, your weakness to leave you…

I’m terribly sorry to hear this Towering2. Please know that you aren’t any less of a man because of the illness. I too lost a relationship due to the illness. It is a horrible feeling. I wish you the best Towering2.

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how long where you together with your gf before she leaves?
what did you think is the main few reasons she decided to leave you?Or did you initiate the breakup?

Oh, if you’re asking me it happened when I first got sick in my early twenties. Long story short I was erratic and told her I thought we should break up. We were together for 2 years and had known each other since childhood. She remained my friend for a few more years until I lost my mind and then she cut me off completely. Just ghosted me.

I think I’d make her sad with my situation. She’d cry sometimes. I think she loved who I was and not what became of me. I told her I couldn’t be friends with her because I still loved her. I regret it. I was having episodes of psychosis and was out of touch with reality. To this day I miss her, even as a friend. It is part of life. She’s not the only one who cut ties with me during moments when I was out of it.

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how old are you?After her…did you have any other relationship?

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30 and yes, I had another relationship also in my early twenties.

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Does your’s wife has MI?It’s sad if she’s leaving you because of something you can’t change.Maybe there’s still a chance you can work out together in therapist’s office.

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Sorry to hear that @Towering2. My missus did the same a few years ago - cos she couldnt cope with my MI, and bogged off with my 4 year old daughter as well.

There will be a greiving process - but as long as you take your meds, im sure you will get thru it. Sending you support thru the airwaves. Im sorry for you - you must be in alot of pain. Here for you if you need it. Rogx


I’m so sorry this is happening. That is terrible. My brother and his wife are splitting up. It’s been a terrible mess. I’m so sorry.

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I ache for you! This is heartbreaking! It doesn’t define you. Your identity is still intact. You are a heart, mind, body, and soul and you matter apart from a broken relationship.

Is it definitely final? Is she willing to go to therapy? She can learn to cope with your mental illness.

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