Are married mentally ill patient destined to be divorce?or otherwise?

Are married mentally ill patient tend to get divorced or is it more on the other way?i hope it is the other way

I sure hope not!!!

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I think it depends on the person and the spouse. There are a lot of cases where we have pushed people out of our lives either due to paranoia or trying to protect them or other reasons. Some spouses stick with the relationship and the people are still married. Some spouses leave out of inability to do anything else.

My Uncle who has SZ has ran away from home and tried to divorce my Aunt when he was a younger man. But my Aunt is a very patient lady and they are still together.

I stupidly tried to break up with my girl friend too, very recently. It was panic induced. She said, “We can dial it back a bit, and we’ll talk more about a serious break-up after all the other family drama is behind you”
Well, it’s not behind me yet. But I’m still glad she didn’t just agree to break up with me. I got my head straight on that one. We’re staying together.


It depends a lot on the understanding and support of your partner. It will certainly not be an easy marriage. But marriages never are, even with non-mentally ill individuals.


Here is an article about sz and relationships. It includes some ideas for strengthening and maintaining relationships.

Also, there was a study conducted several years ago that found that the severity of symptoms, as well as other socioeconomic factors, impacted the likelihood of a marriage either making or breaking.

So it seems that a long term marriage is possible with the right supports in place for both spouses.

Thara R, et al. Journal Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 1997 Oct;32(7):416-20.


I got ill 4 years ago. I’m still married. We have been a couple for 16 years.


Congratulations on your successful marriage!! I hope i can say the same in so many years. =)

It is not legal for K and I to marry but we are celebrating 3 years on July 13.


I was married for a good amount of time approx 7 yrs. Yes I was off my rocker and extremely delusional when i was married, this probably contributed to my divorce. I was not well. My wife who suffered from an extreme case of borderline and probably a form of bipolar was not well either, but she did things that were just not nice - cheated on me with her ex bf in my bedroom mind you. I would say that a marriage can be successful even when there is mental illness involved, just make sure you go into a long term committing relationship like marriage feeling well - take the meds, therapy etc… even possibly marriage counseling could be beneficial.
Being mentally ill and diving into marriage makes it difficult than it already is, but I would say that success can be achieved - just because my marriage failed does not mean that every MI marriage will fail


I am married for two years so far and its not easy, but there is a lot of understanding and reconciliation, so we are ok, quite happy. My husband is very patient with me and my SZ and borderline outbursts.


I just recently divorced, we still talk a lot on the phone and we both still tell eachother we love eachother…but we had a tragic addiction to medical marijuana which kept us in constant poverty so it was her idea that we should get divorced…she still uses every day and I don’t know what’s going to happen to her, but I would say mentally ill people have just as much chance at being married as non mentally ill people, my divorce with my ex wife was just situational…

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I’m preparing for marriage. There is this class on marriage that my church is offering and singles are welcome. I might take notes in case my brother needs advice in his marriage. I won’t push it on him though.

I was in a long-term relationship with a cheater and it did not end well. He was probably bipolar. I’ve seen him a couple of times at the mental health center here. I’m rambling now.

My first relationship was with a cheater metime, I was way too young (14-16) to be dealing with that kind of anguish and stress in my life, dropped out of high school because of it and developed severe anxiety and depression. I can’t describe the feeling of being betrayed like that, repeatedly by a loved one. I eventually just didn’t want to know anymore, even if I heard of it, I just didn’t want to know.

if your partner refuses treatment, then yes, I believe you should get a divorce. It’s their job to take care of themselves first, BEFORE they can be your partner successfully. I believe that.

i have seen more peoples’ marriages break down, because of money problems ( these people married with money, and through incompetence , lost it !!? ).
take care

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I find it hard and need a lot of effort to maintain life and friendship,now if don’t even think of marriages