The last poor month...yayyy

that is, once Angie gets her backpay and disability…!! her hearing is next monday with the judge and lawyer…here’s hoping she gets it…she certainly has waited long enough and she desperately needs to see doctors to see what’s wrong with her back…anybody know how long it might be before she gets her backpay after getting awarded her disability?


yea, i know. i had three months i own for in rent, when i got my back pay. better luck in the future , your friend zen


I’ll be keeping my finger’s crossed for y’all. That will be great when you won’t have to worry anymore about money so much and she can get some relief.


thanks…it will be just in time for Christmas…maybe we can exchange gifts this year finally…so grateful we won’t be poor anymore…I could cry I’m so happy.

That is good. When my partner gets good checks we celebrate she works hard and I prefer If she would spoil herself for once

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I am just happy that we won’t be poor anymore…Angie needs medical help for her back and I’m excited about that too…

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