Why we need to change the role of therapists in regards to psychiatric medication

can therapists take on a new role to help people with psychiatric medications?


It’s not an addiction, it’s a necessity. This is getting old. Anti med talk is not very welcome here.


Medications lead to better outcomes. Therapists can be toxic to a schizophrenics environment. Shite. I’ve seen some really crappy therapists and Freud couldn’t cure schizophrenia. He couldn’t help brain disorders at all.

Seriously. Take the meds and if you need some cognitive tricks then find an appropriate person. Your feelings and stuff may help you but therapists are more for the worried well…In my Honest Opinion …not the schizophrenics.

You seem a non believer…that is cool to your detriment…put it this way…NO one is going to talk you into wellness if your a heroin addict. It’s bio chemical. No therapist is going to talk you out of mental illness without the drugs. That is just the way of the world.

I’d even say it’s dangerous to your health to believe such things…Statistically medications work. From 17 years on these boards medications work over therapy…Medications work over placebo … That is the reality.

Therapist have no place in addiction counselling unless to make your life worse. Trust a psychiatrist. They have at least done the schooling and are smarter than the average folk and way more beneficial if they are any good.

A friend in the struggle,


P.s. I didn’t read that article and it won’t change my opinion.

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you can only speak for yourself Minnii not for anyone else here - some people might find my posts helpful and disagree with you

Yesh, of coursh.

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