Therapists have a love - hate relationship with psychiatrists

My therapist the other day, told me that she thinks many of her “clients” don’t need to be on medication.
She said that because I have a severe mental illness, I need medicine, but many metally ill patients do not need meds.
Many therapists are grateful towards psychiatrists because psychiatrists refer their psychiatric patients over to them, on the other hand psychiatrists steal away clients from therapists through medications/prescriptions.
More and more people living with mental illness are bypassing therapy and going straight towards the prescriptions.
With what I have, I believe in medication first - therapy second. When i told my therapist that I was feeling better from my depression because of lamictal, she had this worried look in her eyes. She was probably thinking - I’m going to lose another client - Oh boy.

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You are so right. Med’s keep me stable enough to even get out of bed and remain lucid enough to put on some pants. With out the meds, I’d never make it to my therapy sessions. I’d be in bed in my jammies making my sister listen to my new pondering about my toes and crying to my fish.

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a phyciatrist has NEVER helped me with anything other than meds.
thats ALL they seem to do hand out pills why not bypass that and get a gp to do it. I am so glad your not depressed anymore:) good news tc.

I get the feeling that many therapists feel threatened by their clients seeing psychiatrists. I think therapy is important but not as important as taking meds, although the meds help to a certain extent.

before i took meds i was an alcoholic self medicating its not ideal taking meds but neither is having schiz my life was much harder without meds.
ive tried to come off them before and it was the worst thing ive been through the awful withdrawals from those drugs.

I tried to cut back on my Klonopin/benzo dose - I couldn’t do it, so I am starting to go up again

I am the same…that post looks like I wrote it…

My shrink and psychiatrist know eachother from way back…they talked about my case and agreed on some new meds a while back…and now I am in remission

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Therapists need you to have problems.

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Ahh thank you pob, exactly

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i see both my therapist and clinical nurse through the clinic so they know each other and have countless times have asked me if i was still seeing them. “have you been talking to your therapist?” or she says, “have you told him about your hallucinations and paranoid thinking?”